Yakimix On The Third Time

Yesterday I was invited for a lunch today in Yakimix. This is the third time already that I was able to dine there, oh well thanks to my friend because we keep on agreeing to have lunch in the same buffet restaurant but how I wish to also step foot in Vikings, LOL! Anyway, so after I sent Faith to her school, I decided to just leave my car in the school. Since I know, going there along Bankerohan, there will be a heavy traffic because of the on-going repair of the bridge. As I am saving my fuel it is better not to bring my car at all, in that way I could save some dime.

They were already waiting for me in Yakimix; they went to the resort to where they will celebrate their New Year. They have to make a reservation for the said holiday celebration. They finish their business their early so they went to Yakimix a little bit early. They tried to call me but I was preparing for Faith so I was not able to pick up the phone. Good thing I called them just before they finish eating and said they will wait for me.

I arrived there past 12 already, and the moment I step my foot there, I went to the buffet table right away to pick up some foods. I was amazed with the number of meals they put in the buffet table; they have number of displays today than before. Geez I was not able to take a look of the name of the foods as I was too starving. I didn’t mind at all, I just pick and pick and pick. I got full right away on my first plate. My friend grilled some sea food stuffs for me and I shared it with them. After a while, we all went together to get some dessert, I got the Buko Pandan cake, Japanese Cheese Cake, the mini muffins. Those desserts added my belly to be so bulky, I drank 3 different kinds of drinks and I was still so thirsty.

Their desserts just oh so good, it is so sweet maybe that’s why a bite of a cake matched with a drink. This is only once in a lifetime, my friend handed me a coupon costs P399.00. Yes I just paid P399.00 instead of the regular price. It has been a while since I was not able to dine with fancy restaurant this was my chance and I could not just slipped it away.

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Talking Like Forever

It was almost our Graduation Day in College, after our one hour of practice with our marching going to the stage and our farewell song, I and my friends went out for lunch in the nearest cafeteria. We were talking like forever; we were counting the day until our last journey in college. And while we were talking, my friend mentioned to buy a college ring. She even showed us the catalog for the rings, and all of them look very impressive. When I browsed these class rings in from JoyJewelers.com just now, I could not help but to remember my friends in college. It has been like 16 years already that I haven’t seen of them. I wonder how they were or were they able to buy the college ring they saw in the catalog from our friend’s. But I guess it is not too late if one of them just decided now, with our technology today, I mean one click and you will see loads of style for college rings in the Internet. If it is not too late for them then it is not too late for me too, what do you think?

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Family Day Then Nothing

Yesterday, even I didn’t have enough sleep; I went to Faith’s school with her to attend Family Day. I thought to still see some foods in the table even I will be late but too bad, the afternoon program started already. Our class section agreed to have our foods catered so we don’t have to bring foods already. I mean it is a bit hassle to bring foods especially in my case that I just arrived from the trip. Anyway since we were very late for Family Day, we just watched the program they presented and went out after. I dragged Faith to the mall so she can enjoy the World of Fun; I know she has been longing for it already. It was also a nice bonding for both of us since I was away for 3 days. We just bought Dunkin Donuts for Pasalubong for her sister.

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Our Chance Slipped Away

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Photo not mine, credits to the owner

When we were on our way home, we arrived in Iligan City from Pagadian around 6 in the evening. One of my friends suggested if we could have dinner in Timoga since it is only along the highway however it seems like the driver in the van that we rented didn’t hear us. I keep on waiting if he would stop but he didn’t so I asked my friends if we would really have our dinner in Timoga, one said that maybe the driver is in a hurry to go back in Pagadian so he will not stop for dinner in Timoga. Our chance slipped to get a peek in Timoga Restaurant, I mean I didn’t know that they have a resto there to dine; I thought Timoga is only for swimming.

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