Slimming Coffee

I know that I promised myself to hit the gym but I am just too busy offline and online, I really don’t have time at all. Today I went out to see with my friend Mabelle, we agreed to see each other since it has been a while that we were not able to see each other. Right after she bought something in Watson, we agreed to eat lunch in Jollibee, I ordered my favorite burger steak and she ordered a chili chicken. While eating, we talked lots of stuff, our whereabouts and some whereabouts. She brought me a slimming coffee, she said I just have to try it, it’s for free so I grab it, I mean it’s only rare that someone will give me something that I can benefit of so why not?

She said I should drink the slimming coffee 30 minutes before I will take my meal. So probably I will be drinking that at work, I hope there will be no diarrhea involved otherwise I will be doomed. On the other hand, enough with this topic, I am so tired and so sleepy since I just went home from work and oh what time is it?


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Promised To Hit The Gym

Last December 23rd, I got so sick and it got worst at work. I almost have a ticket from our clinic to send me back home but I asked them to let me just rest an hour. So I rested and went back to my place again but my voice is already fading at that time, my cough was so hard and my throat is itchy. We logged out from work at 12 noon but I have to stay because I need to have an appointment with our clinic Doctor. And she arrived at around 2 in the afternoon, she let me rest for 2 to 3 days and since we had holiday break and our day offs came afterwards, I rested for like 6 days to 7 days.

I thought to hit the gym but how can I while I am sick, good thing right now the cough is gone but my voice is not yet totally went back but I can talk already though.

I know I am not good in keeping my promise but I will do my best to have time for gym maybe twice a week will do. I miss going to the gym, I so miss my not so flat belly. Now that I rested for almost a week, I am bloated too. I don’t need this flabby belly, my god it needs to get rid off.


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Flop Strawberry Cheesecake

I was looking forward of my niece Strawberry Cheesecake, instead of baking it on the 24th, she decided to bake it on the 25th. Everyone was excited of the outcome but it took her very long to finish it, she keeps on putting it back to the oven. I felt asleep while waiting, when I woke up I look for the cake right away but when I tasted it, the strawberry was too much; I mean I know it is a Strawberry Cheesecake and the taste of the Strawberry should be on top of it however it feels like it is too much. And when I ate the cake long, it doesn’t taste good at all.

My niece agreed to it, she puts a lot of strawberry to it or maybe her procedure of putting it is wrong that’s why it was a flop. Maybe she needs to practice more on baking cakes, I mean she is already good in baking cookies, I am sure she will do well in baking cakes in the future if she would take her time on practicing with perfect ingredients and perfect recipe.


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Christmas Food And I Am Sick

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas and I am sick and I can’t go to work. I don’t know if this is blessing in disguise to just at home to be with my kids but I am also disappointed because I was not able to get the double pay today. Sigh! On the other hand everything went well, thanks to my cook!

My niece cooked Beef Bolgogi, Bistek Tagalog, and Chicken Cordon Blue, Garlic and Butter shrimps and Lasagna. She supposed to bake a Strawberry Cheese Cake but she got tired and fell asleep. I took a nap but sigh I woke up past 12 midnight already. It was raining so hard when I woke up and nothing much going on, so I just went to dining table, took a picture of the one she finished and ate some. My cough still severe and I still don’t have voice, sigh!

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