Strawberry Shortcake Theme

Just today after I sent Faith to school instead of going back home to sleep I decided to go to All of Us Cakes. My friend from Texas is the one, who informed me about them, and she asked me then how much was the cake that Faith would like to have.

Just recently, Faith has been searching cakes in Google without me knowing it and when she found the cake that she loves. She asked me to check it right away. I was hesitant at first because I know then that the cake will be quiet expensive.

I was talking about it to my friend without any intention of having her to sponsor the cake. But later during our conversation she asked me to go to All of Us Cake and inquire for the price. I asked my niece to go there, but she was able to quote the wrong cake. And I was mistakenly informed my friend about it. Good thing though she sent me more than I asked for her so when I went there today the money she sent was just enough for the cake.

Anyway this was the cake I choose for her birthday with Faith’s desire for a theme.


 photo shortcake3_zps9f0efb5f.jpg

This is the cake, but I somewhat change the top

 photo download_zpsf5aa79b1.jpg

Both pictures grabbed in Google

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Calorific Foods That Can Harm Your Diet

If you think that you are already alright with your diet oh well you have to think twice because there are calorific foods that you thought it is helpful with your diet but it is not.

So you are eating sushi as a great alternative for your pasta at lunch time but you have to be careful because eight piece sushi roll is equivalent to 300 calories even without the flavorings and delicious sauce.

You can drink orange juice but not too much as this can be high in sugar, probably 21 grams in one small cup. It is still more advantage to your part if you will drink calorie free water and have a piece of fruit enriched with Vitamin C.

Cereal is the best alternative to your breakfast meal however be very careful because they are often full of secret sugars so make sure that you are avoiding cereals that is packed with honey, chocolate and dried fruit but you can opt to pick shredded wheat with skimmed milk.

Source: Yahoo Health

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Now It’s My Youngest Daughter’s Turn

It is Sunday and today here in the Philippines it is already February and that means my youngest daughter’s birthday is fast approaching. My eldest daughter even reminded me of it that her sister’s birthday is on next Sunday. Good thing though that I had a good offer last week for my blog. And I am crossing my finger I will get paid next week at least before Faith’s birthday. It is not that my husband does not like to send me for my youngest daughter’s birthday but I don’t want to bother him anymore of this other expenses. He loves his daughter so much and that is all enough for me.

I am confused though where to celebrate Faith’s birthday, Mj is suggesting holding it in Forest Hill but I am still thinking about it, or we will just celebrate here at home. I will just invite the team and my sister’s family. Preparing her birthday, align with this is which foods to bring during her birthday. I don’t have to problem though of who would cook the foods because my brother in law is a good cook and he will always volunteer.

The budget, I just hope and pray will be right to buy all of it during her birthday. The cake, someone represent to give it to me, thank you so much friendship. I owe it to you a lot.

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Cakes On Her Birthday

Last Tuesday was the birthday of my daughter. I bought 2 boxes of pizza for the swimmers after the training. The two pizzas will not be enough if the parents did not bring foods too. One parent bought carrot cakes and one also bought moist cake with greetings. Mj could not contain her happiness when she saw it, she was very delighted that all her friends greeted her online and offline.

 photo 6cee3db0-e4a7-4882-b16f-bb6dfa5dc34c_zps6c43d9de.jpg

This moist cake from Sugar munch

 photo f8f2f8d0-7100-4543-85c2-0fb63e542cb9_zps61c79516.jpg

Carrot Cake so yummy the sweetness is just right in the palate. The carrot cake is Rysus, Sugar Munch however is a trend now, they are available in Gaisano Mall.

 photo 7906ff7c-a9ff-486d-b31a-ba9f5f9f03b7_zps323eb74a.jpg

Mj and her team mates.


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