Free Your Kids From BPA Exposure

Just recently, there’s a study of about 3,000 kids from 6 years and older that these kids have a highest level of chemical in their urine, it is even more than twice to be the cause of being obese than of those with the lowest level. This is the time to stop exposing your kids of any chemicals. A senior scientist for the nonprofit Environmental Working group has these tips.

Choose a powder when you are formula feeding your baby. BPA sticks to metal cans in liquid formulas but powdered are free of it. Check your plastic food containers and if you found number 7 in the bottom, don’t hesitate to throw it away. Wash your hands immediately after you are holding cash register receipts. Cash register receipts are mostly coated with BPA. Sanitize your hands right away especially when you are with your kids. Purchase glass items instead of plastics or choose plastic that is BPA free. Do not buy metal cans.

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Best and Worst Candies

The kids are precisely excited for the upcoming trick and threat for sure. So what can the parents do to be aware of the worst candy for kid’s teeth? Know these facts because some candies can also be best for kids. Thus, you have an option which one is good and which one is not good.

Candies that is good for your kids

Gum with xylitol but you have to guard your kids who are 4 years old as this is a choking hazard

Plain chocolate too can be good for your kids.

Now the worst

Candies that has caramels

Sour candies

And hard candies.

Moreover, it is time now to shop for candies as trick or treat is on its way. Have fun!

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Belgian Waffle After The Therapy

Last Saturday, right after Kaakbay, Faith and I went to the mall to have lunch and since we had a heavy breakfast. We decided to just eat light lunch and we agreed to have waffle this time. I am on a budget, so I only bought flavors that are cheaper. Faith enjoyed her blue berry and and I had Cheddar Cheese. We just shared one glass of Ice Tea.

 photo IMG_0090_zps9d93a636.jpg

We agreed to take some pictures this time, yes it is not usual to take some pictures of us nowadays. I don’t know why I just don’t have interests to take some pictures anymore. Maybe this is the result of having a downtime moment.

 photo IMG_0092_zps471f48af.jpg

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Inspire Your Preschoolers With This Snack

For picky preschoolers you may need to experiment so they will be inspired to eat their snacks at school. If you put some designs and styles, I am sure they will be delighted to take the snacks that you bring for them.

For beginners you may like this snacks for your preschoolers. You just need cucumber, carrots, and peppers cereals like frootloops. To make flower and butterfly sandwich, peel your cucumber for the butterfly antenna, top with a carrot slice and put the ring shaped cereals on top of the sandwich. Shape the sandwich that would look like a butterfly.

Shape another sandwich for a flower and decorate it with red peppers. You can make the stems, leaves and grass for the cucumbers.

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