A Good Time To Eat

It is always bring good ambiance to eat in a restaurant that has music as a background. But it is also bring bad ambiance when the sound is not good at all, instead of having a good eat or enjoying your meal, it will become irritated and would want to walk away. It is best options if a restaurant has a music background to have a musicians friend bass amp, this can also help the entertainers in your restaurant. Some restaurant hires music band and it will always a good quality sound when they sing or strumming in their guitar with an amplifier. My daughter always wanting this for her school during her play performance but anyway that’s a long way to go, we still have so many things to prioritize first than of that amp.

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Thanks For The Siopao

I do love the Siopao from Kuilans, it is always the best.

Last time when Mj had competition in Tagum, one of our team mates bought like 3 boxes of Siopao for snacks. But it was not finish. I and Mj went home right away after the competition because I still have to work that time. My friend called me and asked me to bring the remaining box because it will not be finish there after all. When we get home, Mariel was so happy because we brought some snacks to them. Together with Siopao, I also bought some brownies and some pieces of cake. Everyone was delighted, I called my sister so she can take some Siopao home.

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Creating a Kid-Friendly Environment for Your Business

When you own a business, you have to create an environment that is satisfying for your customers. Regardless of what products or services you are selling or offering, you want your visitors to feel comfortable and, in a way, like they’re in their own homes.

Unless you’re the owner of a fun and exciting toy store, you’re probably going to have unhappy children in your place of business. If you want your customers to return, creating a kid-friendly environment can make shopping easier for parents.

Provide Treats

A great way to keep children busy in your place of business is by adding a treat table, vending machine, or even an ice cream machine. These treat suppliers can keep children occupied while their parents are trying to shop and, depending on their age, you can sell products that will appeal to all kids. You can also shop according to your company. For example, you may not want an ice cream machine if you own a clothing store, but if you own a car dealership, an ice cream can be just what a child needs to sit quietly while you discuss details with his or her parent.
Designate a Child’s Play Area

A small area filled with toys, books and other items for kids can be another way to keep children busy while they are inside of your facility. This particular method may be easier if you run a small business, because parents won’t have to worry about the safety of their child in a huge building. A play area will allow children to stay in one area while parents discuss information with you or shop around for other things they may need.

Install TVs

Instead of designating an area for children, installing TVs in a mini waiting room can keep anyone entertained, but playing movies and shows that are targeted towards children will keep them occupied while they patiently wait for their guardians. Adding a TV or two and a couch inside of your facility may seem expensive at first, but once you realize how calm children can get when they’re focused on a movie, you’ll be satisfied with your addition!

Even when you’re shopping for kids, it’s easy for them to get bored during a long shopping trip. Implementing child-friendly activities inside of your store is a great way to not only keep them busy while their parents shop, but it can show your customers that you’re willing to do what is necessary to ensure their loyalty and comfort.

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A Treat

My friend’s husband just went abroad for another year to work. And because my friend is not that busy at all. She invited me for lunch for free. I was very excited. I didn’t have budget to spend lunch but she offered it so I grabbed the chance. She invited me at Bigbys, I was so shy to pick some foods but she picked the food that I like. When it comes to Baby Back Ribs, I do always asked for Bigbys. That was not the last one because a week after that, she invited me again and this time we have lunch at Shakeys. Of course I ate chicken, it has been so many times that she treat me for lunch and yet I don’t have anything to offer. It is really so hard nowadays, I wanted to unwind but I think I can’t how I wish I will have someday.

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