To Get More Market

Have you experienced eating in a restaurant with great sounds? I know that you can appreciate the food served to you if there is peace and quiet but what if the music is so nice, so relaxing and so enjoyable I am sure you would change your perspective. So to all restaurant owners, if you want to invite more customers to your abode you may want to check roland space echo in stock at musicians friend, I am sure this can help your business. Everyone needs to experience something new, so take this opportunity who knows your business would get more market when you do.

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Expect The Unexpected

I was so tired from work but it was Mother’s Day so I need to be lively for the kids, they know how special the day is. If only I have budget today I would treat them to something nice like eating outside, explore at least after going to church. But my money is limited today I only even have some bucks today. I asked my workmate if the affordable pizza house is open today and he said yes. So I went there after work, I choose the pepperoni flavor since I know Faith loves this flavor so much, I only ordered the medium size since I don’t have budget for large size but I am sure the kids would love this treat. Yes, it’s Mother’s day and I should be the one to get some treats but I  know how much my husband is struggling for money right now so we just have to live with what we have. On the other hand, my husband never failed to pay our bills when I asked him to, which is more important so we can enjoy what we have in the house.

I texted Mj saying that I will be going home soon with a pizza, it’s not the Greenwich, which they love the most but it’s with the other brand but I am sure they will love it. My daughter just said “thanks mom” without greeting me “happy mother’s day” I was not disappointed but I expected it, I know them being so sweet and they always remember special occasion especially Mother’s Day since it always advertised in the TV but anyway, it’s no big deal as long as we are together eating this pizza I bought.

You know the saying “expect the unexpected” is somewhat true because when I got home, Mj and Faith came rushing to the door with balloons and a cake greeting me “Happy Mother’s Day!” I was smiling so wide, I never thought they were able to buy a cake, I wonder how but I need to deal it later, I just want to enjoy this moment with my kids. I need to eat the pizza and the cake they surprised me right away because I am already starving.


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Finding a Steady Supply of Quality Protein

Bison and buffalo meat are becoming more popular today as people continue to find out about its nutritional qualities. It is low in fat, high in nutrients, and a valuable source of protein, putting it above any kind of red meat or protein source you can find in the grocery store.

Grocery stores across the country still do not carry buffalo and bison because of its exotic reputation and the fact that a large portion of the consumer base have not yet sampled it. People who do, however, grow to love it and want to add it to their freezers and fridges.

When you want to have access to a steady and reliable source of bison products, you do not have to shop at a distant store. You can order the cuts you want at websites like and other sites dedicated to selling this high-protein meat.

Cuts of Meat for Everyone

When you want to shop for the whole family, you might initially wonder if you can find cuts that your children can eat and enjoy. Many kids do not have the teeth to bite into steaks, for example. They need more tender cuts that they can bite into and eat easily. When you shop online, you can find burgers and sausages that are easy to prepare and eat and also made to be enjoyable for the whole family. You can make your kids’ favorites without having to introduce them to pricier steaks and rib cuts.

However, if you do want cuts that you can prepare on a Sunday afternoon for dinner or grill out on a hot summer’s evening for a barbecue or picnic, you can find favorites like ribs, steaks, and Italian sausages. You can even find pet products that you can give to your dog to enjoy as well.
Recipes and Prep Tips

If you are new to cooking with bison, you might wonder how you can use it in recipes that your entire household will enjoy. You can use it for recipes that you might be familiar with like meatballs and hamburgers.

However, if you want to try new dishes, you can find recipes on the website. The site shows you how to use and prepare bison so that you get its full flavor.
Bison is healthy and high in protein. You can find low fat cuts for the fridge and freezer online.

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Eat Out With Some Of Blogger Friends

It was my rest day that I was invited by a friend for a dinner gathering with some of the blogger; actually I was hesitant to join because my kids were with me that time. They just finish their activity at school and I treat Faith to play in Kidzoona at the mall. I got the text message when we were about to go home and since it was my off I had all the time to go at the other mall.

When we got there, I and my friend were able to see each other right away, we were sitting at the bench when we got the message that the friend that we are scheduled to see is at one of the restaurant there in the ground floor. So went there right away, we found out that they need to go home for their relative is already there fetch them so we were left with some of the bloggers and we just agreed to eat dinner in Max restaurant. Faith met a new friend because one of mommies brought her kids, good thing Faith had someone to chat and play with.

 photo 17309846_10154532101495939_7892136873043623294_n_zpsrziqpby5.jpg

Our dinner was finish with lots of talks, ideas about blogging. I found out that most of us already about to quit, they opted to just have the domain expired and did not renew at all. I think I am the only who still hope that blogging will get better soon.

We got home late but we are filled with memories, which rare to happen. It is rare because we seldom meet each at all. We got too busy offline especially me that I am working offline too. I will be posting some of our pictures some other time, photobucket did it again.

 photo 17309107_10154532101460939_400079599244858102_n 1_zpsr1izn7rc.jpg

Of course we will not end the night without having the picture opp, credit to the owner of the pictures 

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