Family Bonding On Sunday At Gerry’s Grill After Mass

It was Sunday this month that I told my kids to go to where I work so we can go to church together and eat lunch after. My log out from work was at 12 noon and they were not there yet. So I roamed around and realized I needed to go to nail salon so to have my nails done. After 2 hours of waiting, finally they came.  My niece told me they are already hungry but I need to stick to the plan, so I just let them buy some snacks so we can attend the mass right away. It was just the right time because the mass just started.

 photo 17440153_1260877474033370_1460262319_n_zpsjtzft1dv.jpg

One of the foods we ordered in Gerry’s Grill

 photo 17103277_10211734004841726_105944165651290346_n 1_zpsun34xnhm.jpg

After an hour, we planned on going to the Burger King. The first choice was the Burger King but my youngest changed her mind and just want to eat anywhere in Abreeza Mall, I want something festive so even though they pointed the Sumu Sam, we went to the Gerry’s Grill. We ordered Palabok, Belly Pork and Chicken for Faith. Faith also ordered a sweet corn shake, Mj got the Red Tea  and Mariel got the Mango shake.


While we were waiting for our foods, we took some picture opp.

 photo 16995988_10211734005161734_5259053899472385021_n_zpslwo7rmad.jpg

Look at my not sleeping for almost 12 hours, look stressed huh?

But because of of my kids, I am willing to stay awake just to have bonding with them. It’s worth it though I had so much fun, no worries because when we arrived home at 8 in the evening I slept right away, slept only for like 4 hours because I need to wake up at 12 midnight for my shift will start at 1 in the morning.

 photo 17103706_10211734005121733_3505898929973403716_n_zpslecmstju.jpg

Who can resist them? obviously not me

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Yachting to Aruba

The tiny island of Aruba off the coast of Venezuela offers the perfect destination for yachtsmen. With clean, white beaches and dry, sunny weather, you can enjoy a variety of island activities throughout the year. Whether you prefer relaxing on the beach, snorkeling in clear waters, or enjoying island culture, Aruba provides the perfect opportunity.

The island of Aruba is a charming mix of natural, untouched landscapes, pristine beaches, luxurious resorts and intriguing Dutch culture. The capital city of Oranjestad offers world class cuisine, casinos, historic landmarks, and wonderful shops filled with handmade Delft pottery crafted by local residents.

Aruba is a tiny Dutch Caribbean island that’s only 20 miles long and five miles wide, but it’s natural beauty is stunning. The island has a gentle surf and constant trade winds that offer cool breezes year-round. With an average daily temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit and an average yearly rainfall of 22 inches, Aruba is dry most of the year. The Northeast coast is wild and rugged, while the Southwest coast has a barrier reef that creates calm waters. The West coast of Aruba contains calm waters and most of the island’s hotels, restaurants and historic buildings that reflect the island’s Dutch architectural influence. The friendly people of Aruba speak English, as well as Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento, the local language.

Charting Your Course to Aruba

The best time of the year to yacht to Aruba is from January through March when waters are the calmest. The summer season, July through November, is considered hurricane season. Storms and rough waters can contribute to difficult sailing, however waters around Aruba are calmer than waters around other Caribbean islands at this time of year due to the island’s low annual rainfall of 22 inches or less.

Aruba’s strongest currents and largest waves occur mostly on the Northeast coast of the island in the Atlantic Ocean. Waters in the Caribbean Sea are generally much calmer. If you’re yachting to Aruba during the winter months, you should be aware that winter storms in the Atlantic Ocean can cause large swells. If you drop anchor in less than 15 feet of water, you may want to find a safer place to anchor to avoid damages to your yacht. When yachting to Aruba from the Florida Keys, Florida yacht brokers can provide helpful information, as well as a variety of equipment that will help you plan a safe trip.

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In Taco Loco

It was last week that my niece text me, said she want to spend lunch with me, it was indeed the right time because I just got out from work. I went to the mall where she work right away. I suggested for a restaurant that we didn’t try yet so we went to Taco Loco.

The moment I went inside, the first thing I noticed was that the warm atmosphere not with the warm greetings but the humidity inside. Yes it was so hot that we keep on asking for an aircon. They said they already turn the aircon on but I was still sweating. I asked them again, good thing that after of so many tries, they decided to turn the aircon on near us that was time that I felt refresh.

This was what we ordered last week:

 photo 17191006_1247065898747861_1168695739599681938_n_zpsdahongeq.jpg

My niece ordered the burger and mine is their combo meal 

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All The Time

Accidents happen at all times even if we are just in front of our house. So in any case we should prepare for it. Poison Ivy can attacked us in a dormant phase especially during winter but when you know its dormant, it would be better if we have something for it already while 911 is on its way yet. This is used by everyone so I know this is a big help for all the family and I am referring about rhus tox, if you are expose with plants or if you love gardening and hiking a lot, you should have the rhus tox all the time. I am sure it will simply save your life or someone’s life a lot. It is better to prepare than you feel sorry in the end.

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