5 Cups Of Drinks Shared With 5 Family

Today the whole team went out to watch The Transformer, the kids were so happy to know that they will be together at once in weekend again besides of swimming every night. It was a good bonding indeed, one of the parents treats us for dinner in SNR. We didn’t know that every Sunday, the place does not have much room so we have to stand up and wait for those who are leaving their table. The line was also long that we have to wait another 30 minutes just for them to serve us. Despite of the waiting, the kids didn’t get bored at all, they have their Itouch with them that they use for taking selfie pictures. The small ones were so busy playing games with their IPADs.

The food was served just in time that we were able to find a seat for all of us. The funny thing was we were able to share the 5 cups of soft drinks since it is unlimited; we’ve got to share the 5 cups. I guess it was not allowed but oh well, no staffs find it out since they were so busy assisting another customers. I’ll just show you the pictures that we took during the fun moment in SNR.

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Lasagna @ Greenwich

At first I don’t like a lasagna but my niece Mariel ordered it one time in Greenwich and I tried to taste it and I like it. Now when I go to Greenwich, and I am avoiding Rice, the Lasagna is always the answer to my mumbling tummy.

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Saving Money By Bringing Foods

My nieces and daughter didn’t realize that they can save money if they will bring their own foods for lunch until now. When they brought foods for lunch started the first day of class, they told me that they can save some. I am just so happy that they are bringing foods already because we don’t know the foods in the cafeteria if it was cooked clean. I heard from some that going to a carenderia or street foods can be the cause of amoebiasis, I don’t condemn the vendor I mean I know they are trying hard to cook the way the foods should cook but with the dust that the foods can get from street that is what I am concerned about. So I am up for bringing lunch at least my nieces and daughter can be sure that it is clean and besides they can also save some money for lunch.

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Picnic Or Competition?

I am just so full today, it seems like I just came from a picnic and not from the competition. When I arrived yesterday there were two meals I received, one from lunch and then dinner. One of the parents knew someone who catered foods so we ordered it, it was P100.00 per meal and it is not bad at all. Aside from the foods, one parent also brought many drinks for us, one also brought spaghetti, siopao some breads. So even it was so hot, we also keep on eating and munching some foods. I even joked around that we were not in a competition but were in a picnic because of all the foods that we brought in the pool and oh plus the overflowing fruits and some more donations from other team. So right now, my tummy is so full but I still not on a diet, I mean how can I? I think I am already losing weight with doing some house chores, chasing Faith, driving and so much more.

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