We Made A Reservation

My birthday is fast approaching and I don’t know yet what should I do with it. I mean don’t get me wrong, I normally don’t celebrate my birthday with foods on the table or guests walking back and forth at home because I always alone in my birthday, it is not that no one would like to celebrate it with me but it is my choice to be alone.

But since I am working, treating my kids in a fancy restaurant would not be bad at all. I asked Mariel to make a reservation in Vikings. I told her that we will be in the restaurant during dinner. It is my niece first time to dine there and she somewhat excited about it. My daughter went there before with her best friend so this will be her second time. I am free to dine there since it is my birthday so I am looking not to be so much expensive getaway.


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Simple Recipes

Just found a simple recipe with the Candy magazine I bought last month, the one that Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman is the cover. When I checked the magazine they have simple recipe that besties, bff’s, squad can even follow.

If you want to check more recipe. Buy this Candy Magazine edition Sept 2016

Mango, Honey and Cheese Roast


Loaf of bread

Cream Cheese

Chopped nuts

Mango slices


How to do it:

  1. Toast bread in the oven for a few minutes
  2. Add a dollop of cream cheese on top. Spread evenly
  3. Top with mango slices
  4. Drizzle with honey
  5. Sprinkle with chopped nuts

If you want to do a Calamansi Basil Tea yourself. Here’s the ingredients:

1 cup water

1/4 cup calamansi juice


Bunch of Basil Leaves

  1. Mixed the water, calamansi juice and the sweetener.
  2.  Add ice cubes and basil, then stir!
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Park Inn Restaurant

And because I don’t have the photo opp of Jadine and since I heard that they were staying in a hotel nearby the concert venue, we went at Park Inn to have our dinner and hopefully to see them. But sad to say they said that they made their entry in the back of the hotel. But that was okay if we did not stalk, I wasn’t able to have a taste of the Macaroni and Cheese Pasta in Park Inn Restaurant and their Nachos as well.

 photo 14721476_10210311786567158_4917942689232359189_n.jpg

I would really recommend this pasta because the taste is not too much, it is not too sweet at all so you will be able to finish the whole bowl without feeling any cloyed because of too much flavor on it. I thought I won’t like it since they used macaroni on it but I was surprised I actually enjoyed it this time.


 photo 14611050_10210311779446980_2743103926279252572_n.jpg

Oh well this Nachos was not that okay, I mean it is not flavorful at all. It is just like so ordinary. The Nachos in the mall is more delectable than this.

 photo 14650444_10210292059033982_6772632772594313441_n.jpg

Here I am, trying to have my eyes wide open hoping that I could see them. On the other hand the stalking was fun though because we were able to see the hairstylist, make up artist of Nadine Lustre. The waiter who accommodated us said that they were already resting in their rooms. I won’t give up anyway, I know I will have my chance.

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Before Or After Workout

If you keep on exercising then you don’t to follow this refueling before or after work out. The previous night dinner can cover for your morning workouts. Banana is already enough for a very wonderful workout. If you do a cardio exercise do not eat foods that are full of carbs it will just ruin of your goal to burn fats, it will cancel the advantage that you can benefits through cardio exercise. Wait at least 90 minutes to eat after your cardio exercise. Eat foods that are full of protein and carbs. If your goal is to build muscle after cardio exercise, you can have a fruit smoothie that has flavor of Yogurt or milk.

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