Asthma Attack?

I have an asthma but good thing though ever since I am working, it didn’t attack anymore. I have an inhaler but it just at home. I don’t bring it since it has been a while that it didn’t attack at all. But how to survive when your asthma just out of nowhere attacked you. What should you do? Here are some steps from, which  you may use when you have asthma and you don’t have the inhaler with you.

-Sit upright. If you are doing something else, stop it  and sit upright because bending can make your harder to breath.

-Take a deep breath, breath in to your nose and breath out trough your mouth. This can prevent you from hyperventilation.

– Get away from what it triggers your asthma, could be dust or the pollen from the trees.

– Drink a hot caffeinated beverages like coffee. Coffee can help to open up the airways slightly for at least two hours

Even though you have followed these steps please if you get the chance and you are slightly okay  go to your Doctor right away

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Think Fruit First

Whenever you are craving for sweet stuff, think of fruit first. Fruits are sweet as well like chocolate does so why not divert your attention to some fruits available in your fridge. One scoop of it thinks of as one scoop or mouthful of chocolate. It is just a state of mind, when you think you can do it then you can. Because if you think that you can’t, your diet will never progress I tell you all your hard work will go waste if you will not exert extra exta effort. When you are craving for some sweet, pick an apple or banana in your fridge and everything will never go wrong.

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She Performs In Front Of Us

My youngest daughter sometimes performs in front of us. She would love to sing and dance I even planned to enroll her to voice lesson. My husband even thinks of buying her a stage platforms so when she thinks of performing she can properly sing or dance. Being in a stage can boost up our confidence even though we are just in front of our family. It can also make you practice on what is the best gesture that can catch our audience attention. It is very important if they could find a very remarkable gesture, a unique performance on the stage will be our advantage to become popular in the next few years. Who knows my youngest daughter can be a professional singer in the future; I will be for sure a stage mother of all time.

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New Ways To Prevent Diabetes

A study about high blood sugar and disruption of mitochondria says this could lead to new ways of preventing Diabetes. Gerald Hart a scientist said sugar is not toxic; it is somewhat a mystery for a high blood sugar to have such a profound effect on the body. Banerjee noted that the enzyme levels have a high possibility to be distinct in diabetes, but they could not believe of what they saw.

To produce energy will require an intricate interplay for the enzyme complexes embedding in mitochondrial membranes, each with unique role. O-GlcNac can be found in one these complexes but in the diabetic mic, most of it had migrated to the inside of the mitochondria.

Want to know more? Visit it here

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