One Slurpee Day

After I enrolled Faith to her new school, I went home right away but then the new 7/11 nearby was opened recently and since it was dreading so hot that day. I could not help but to drop by and bought this drooling beverage Slurpee. I bought 3 for the kids and I shared each one of them. Talking about budgeting on the other hand I need to sleep anyway to get ready for work later.

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Not Choosy At All

Faith even though she is skinny she loves to eat. I am so proud to say that she loves to eat and whatever food that is on the table she would eat and if not she would understand when I tell her that she should eat the food on the table. She would resist at first but she will eat it after.

When I first told her that she might transfer a different school, she argue with me but later when I explained it well to her she comes to understand especially when the principal in the new school said that she can choose which kind of music instrument that she would like to play. She chooses the violin, good luck to me because I know it will be very expensive. It was very helpful when the principal mentioned the violin because I don’t have to convince her when we are already in the new school for her to take her entrance exam.

Thank GOD I am done enrolling my two kids, Faith was just this week. And right after I enrolled her since I still have some left I bought Slurpee from 7/11 nearby. The store was newly opened and you know what it is just on the way home. It was so hot and sweaty that time, a beverage for my kids won’t hurt my pocket at all.

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Asthma Attack?

I have an asthma but good thing though ever since I am working, it didn’t attack anymore. I have an inhaler but it just at home. I don’t bring it since it has been a while that it didn’t attack at all. But how to survive when your asthma just out of nowhere attacked you. What should you do? Here are some steps from, which  you may use when you have asthma and you don’t have the inhaler with you.

-Sit upright. If you are doing something else, stop it  and sit upright because bending can make your harder to breath.

-Take a deep breath, breath in to your nose and breath out trough your mouth. This can prevent you from hyperventilation.

– Get away from what it triggers your asthma, could be dust or the pollen from the trees.

– Drink a hot caffeinated beverages like coffee. Coffee can help to open up the airways slightly for at least two hours

Even though you have followed these steps please if you get the chance and you are slightly okay  go to your Doctor right away

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Think Fruit First

Whenever you are craving for sweet stuff, think of fruit first. Fruits are sweet as well like chocolate does so why not divert your attention to some fruits available in your fridge. One scoop of it thinks of as one scoop or mouthful of chocolate. It is just a state of mind, when you think you can do it then you can. Because if you think that you can’t, your diet will never progress I tell you all your hard work will go waste if you will not exert extra exta effort. When you are craving for some sweet, pick an apple or banana in your fridge and everything will never go wrong.

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