Tips To Have Healthy Living

Cook at home; even if you are not good in cooking make sure that that you cook

Eat a balanced diet; try your best to eat that contains of the food groups from meat, fish and vegetables.

Variety is a key; since you are eating a balanced diet make sure that you combined everything. Eat a wide variety of foods and fruits. Fruits and vegetable can provide you colors in your body that will make you stay strong and healthy

Understand what you are eating; make an effort to understand everything and to learn of what you are eating. Make sure that you will get an answer. Like for example why you are eating this, is it because you’re starving, or does it making you just full or it will make you healthy.

Think of what you are eating; make sure that the majority of it comes from the nutritious calories that provides you nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and stuffs.


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Our New Year Celebration: Late Post

I think I haven’t posted any foods that my niece cooked last New Year. I know this is so late already, I mean many occasion had passed from December to this date but until now I don’t have real updates. Geez I am just so caught up these days that posting any foods could not be realized, I mean I guess that’s true that when you have something that burdens you could not find any inspiration that you despised everything even in cooking something. So I guess that includes posting foods in my blog, I could not bring up any topic and since that burden is suddenly fading now, I hope so I am inspired again to post some pictures and update some food experience.

Moreover, these pictures were taken last New Year, my niece doesn’t have work that time yet. So she have full time to cook some foods for us to celebrate last year. Mariel said I wasn’t able to take nice pictures so she did not upload these on her instagram, oh well, I don’t mind at all.

 photo 16473035_10211497495009128_2181669195848069558_n_zpskbnmzk06.jpg

My niece was also busy with cooking and cake business, so that night before the New Year’s eve, Mariel needs to go out yet to meet her client so she asked if I can checked the grill from time to time. And so I did, she wanted to have the same exact color in the picture. From time to time, I sent her a picture of this grilled pork chop.

 photo 16507932_10211497494449114_5867853560164006307_n_zpsmsgn0c4q.jpg

My sister’s sweet and sour version

 photo 16681519_10211497495529141_6095447155885755343_n_zpscimisol3.jpg

My sister’s chicken pineapple

 photo 16681456_10211497496649169_8019565485024676339_n_zpsglxtcbti.jpg

Carbonara Sauce

 photo 16507846_10211497497249184_7311304971712455608_n_zpsqshcxtt4.jpg

Fruits for fortunate year

 photo 16427644_10211497556770672_8215597240552457659_n_zpshh4vxzw8.jpg

My cousin spent her New Year with us, and 

my workmate came over to celebrate the New Year with us.

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And They Would Request More For You

Everyone must love music, even though sometimes we struggle so hard with music yet we always hold on. And if you are looking for a nice guitar for school performance perhaps, the nate mendel is the answer. You can visit the link for you to see how beautiful this guitar can be. I am sure you will feel head over heels in love when you see it. This guitar can be use if you have upcoming gigs or recital; it looks durable and besides the quality of this brand was proven and tested so everything won’t go wrong. Show up your talent, enhance with the guitar they offer, I am sure the audience will be entertained and would request more for you.

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Slimming Coffee

I know that I promised myself to hit the gym but I am just too busy offline and online, I really don’t have time at all. Today I went out to see with my friend Mabelle, we agreed to see each other since it has been a while that we were not able to see each other. Right after she bought something in Watson, we agreed to eat lunch in Jollibee, I ordered my favorite burger steak and she ordered a chili chicken. While eating, we talked lots of stuff, our whereabouts and some whereabouts. She brought me a slimming coffee, she said I just have to try it, it’s for free so I grab it, I mean it’s only rare that someone will give me something that I can benefit of so why not?

She said I should drink the slimming coffee 30 minutes before I will take my meal. So probably I will be drinking that at work, I hope there will be no diarrhea involved otherwise I will be doomed. On the other hand, enough with this topic, I am so tired and so sleepy since I just went home from work and oh what time is it?


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