Give Your Hair A Break

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Life will never be easy especially in dealing your damaged hair, yes saloon can be a big of help but they can expensive sometimes. When I went to the saloon one time and asked for the price, gosh it makes me wish that I can get a wig instead just like of that Divatress. I heard that they have lace front wigs available, and you know this kind of wigs can help you cover your hairline, in that way you would feel you are only wearing your own hair. The wig is so soft and smooth just like a human hair! You would never notice you’re touching a wig. There are many types of wigs to choose from and all of it has good reviews all over the world.

And since they are synthetic, you can wear it not only occasionally but every day because it fits exactly your personality. Life can be easier now with Divatress. If you would like to check the style, you just have to check their site. I am telling you, this wig will not only give you good impression but it can make your real hair be protected from being damage in the saloon. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against going to the saloon but sometimes we need to give our hair a break.

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Dine In Out Of Nowhere Kitchen

I didn’t expect that kids Kumon was very early. I didn’t know that they have started already the new schedule for summer since Faith’s school did not start their summer vacation yet. We were still chilling at home, when their teacher called them, reminding us of their schedule, we got up the moment we were informed about their new schedule. Obviously we were already late when we get there but thank GOD that Faith still joins her Math session. We went out from Kumon around 12 noon.

My friend told me about the Out of Nowhere restaurant, she said that the food is not that expensive and they have big servings. As I wanted to at least experience a new ambiance, I tagged my kids along with me. (I don’t have any complain with McDonalds or Jollibee since we are always there whenever we get starve but a new one will not do us any harm, right?)

Here’s me and Faith, waiting for our turn to get inside and eat

Since some schools have their Graduation Day last Saturday, I guess most of them wanted to celebrate it in that restaurant. Oh well, I can’t blame them, the restaurant has a nice and has this kind of atmosphere that gives a very relaxing feeling or at least that’s how I felt about it but that’s the thing, we need to wait outside so we can experience eating their sumptuous meal inside.

On the other hand, the waiting is worth it because they served us a very delectable barbecues and not only that I was able to save some because I didn’t have to order one myself. What I did was ordered 2 meals for my kids and one cup of extra rice for me. My kids just shared their barbecues to me, with their big servings my kids won’t be able to finish the whole meal and I was right plus it is good for my pocket.


Asean Grilled Chicken

Jurassic Ribs

Their Asean Grilled Chicken is P 180.00 and Jurassic Ribs is P 350. 00, Chocolare Smores Smoothies is P 160. 00 and the Slushes Mango is P 120. 00

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Simple Birthday Celebration At School

I know this is a late post but spare me this busy fella over here. I am working like a dog for these few years and there are times that I could not update my blog. If I will be able to update it, it will be like a late post just like this. You see my youngest daughter celebrated her 10th birthday on February. We did not have a grand celebration just like from the previous years; instead we just had a free lunch at school together with her classmates and her teacher.

I bought kiddie meal at McDonalds and 1 big pizza from SnR, sent them over before lunch at school. Faith was already delighted; she’s just too easy to please. I did not have sleep at that time so after I deliver their lunch, I just asked her teacher if she can already manage to distribute the foods. She said yes and she asked if I want her to take some pictures, of course I agree with her. Later that day I was surprised how organized it was, Faith indeed celebrated her birthday even so simple yet still with glee.

These are one of her pictures:


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Free Coupon Meal

Since I got some 10’s from last month’s performance, they raffle our names and those agents who were lucky to be picked will be awarded, some got movie tickets, cellphone loads or a free meal from Penongs. And I got lucky with gift certificates for Penongs. It doesn’t have expiration dates so I can use it anytime and I did just recently with Faith. We went to SM supposedly to attend a workshop but we came in late, the workshop is almost over and since it was almost 12 noon at that time, I tagged Faith to the nearby Penongs restaurant. It was my first time so I kind a shy to present the gift certificate besides it was just stocked in my bag for a couple of months, so I am scared that what if they won’t accept it because it has been a while. It was not torn, thank GOD, although it was just folded. We were able to order some extra foods and shake for Faith and we were able to get some discounts out of it. I just hope that I can still get some gift certificates these coming Months, or a movie ticket. I hope my performance will go well so I can have enough to provide for my family.

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