Severe Stomachache Led To Dyspepsia Ulcer

I supposed to grocery shop yesterday but the funds that my husband will wired me will arrive late in the afternoon. I didn’t what time it will be wired. I tag my niece along with me so we can buy some things for the house. But Faith have to do Kumon yet, so we waited for her not knowing that the Xoom in SM will just be at 7:00 p.m. they won’t entertain anymore beyond that. So the moment I got the secret code, from SM we went to NCCC Mall, but the agency there was offline so from there I went to Matina Crossing, just to claim the funds. We were already so hungry even Faith and Mj, right after I got the funds, I dragged the kids to the nearest Grill Restaurant. We waited our order for 15 minutes, Faith was already complaining. The moment that the foods were served, we ate it like there’s no tomorrow that was how hungry we were.

I thought that we don’t have any problem anymore after were done eating but Mj got a severe stomach ache, she said she gets too dizzy already. She wanted to eat more but she can’t because of the stomachache. I suspected something already but we tried to buy her something. However, it just calms the stomach but the pain is still there until this morning. So instead of sending her off to school, we went to her Pediatrician right away. And I was correct because she was diagnosed for Ulcer Dyspepsia not the severe one but going there.

While listening to her Doctor, I was tracking her recent activity. And I remember she got too engrossed with working out and dieting and that she skipped meal sometimes. I informed the Doctor about it and he advised Mj not to skip meals, she can at least eat a little and during meal time, she should not be eating a lot, she should only be taking a little but not skipping. Last night when we were all hungry, she ate all so sudden and too much when the foods were served, it trigger her condition that’s why her stomach was very painful that she could not take it anymore. I bought the medicine that the Doctor asked us to buy, and she took the two medicines after lunch today. We decided for her not to join the training today and tomorrow but on Saturday maybe she will.


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Vikings To It Finest

It was during last month that we made a reservation in Vikings. It was my 2nd time there and 1st time for my kids. It was during last year that I and my friends agreed to have lunch in Vikings on my birthday as well. This year, I planned to have dinner on my birthday in Vikings with my kids. When we were approaching, Faith even said that it is a very fancy restaurant and she is worried we might run out of money if we dine there. I was fooling her around and told her we will just wash dishes if we don’t have anymore money to pay them. Mj laugh at Faith reaction, Mariel even informed her to prepare.

Since we made a reservation, the waiter then guides us in our table. And I am glad that our place was just near in the Buffet table, it was easy for us to go back and forth to get some foods. I have Mj and Mariel to roam around  first, they were so engrossed with so many delicacies displayed, they got their mouthwatering when they approach the buffet table, and they are so amazed with different cuisine presented to them. It took them long to choose what they like to eat. Mj suggested not eat much rice so we don’t get full too easy and we can eat all of them.

 photo 15073560_10210620119195281_2302255459831082740_n.jpg

Diet was ruined the moment I saw these varieties of chow

And since I was starving already, I can’t help to get the main menu, of course for me that main menu is rice.

 photo 15095093_10210620118675268_1219957386199903546_n.jpg

Okay Mj won, I just took a little rice

I learned a lot from the kids that if you are in a buffet restaurant, get anything you want but less, you can go back anytime and get the dish that you like, in that way you can have all the nutriment presented to you.

 photo 14708258_10210412560446442_499060365270272973_n.jpg

These were the foods I got!

Yes, I didn’t care with my diet at all, this event would only happens once and I should not deprived myself from eating what I want. To hell with my diet, it was my birthday anyway!

 photo 15037179_10210620073994151_4732106576578490466_n.jpg

Later, Mj didn’t know already what to get, she took a lot and she finished it all yet she wanted to explore more so she tried  this chips with some veggies on it. I did not taste it but she said it was so flavorful.

 photo 15027959_10210620074434162_5580740204787020491_n.jpg

My youngest daughter was too picky that most of the times I just shared my food to her but she did not let this sweet stuffs passed, she asked her sister to get some gummy and wormy and sweet dessert.

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I Won The Hanabishi Sandwich Maker!

I was stunned when the emcee at work called out my name and announced I am the winner for an Oven Toaster. Even though I was too busy talking with my customer on the phone, my name was clear and I heard it. But then I wanted to have the Sandwich Maker unfortunately it was my supervisor who got it. Good thing, he agreed with me to just swap it. We already have an oven toaster at home and my kids were asking to buy a Sandwich Maker.

Nonetheless, what I brought home is the Sandwich Maker, my niece was surprised, and she thought I bought but nope I got it for free. Hmmm, I wonder what I can get next year, a laptop perhaps. Oh let’s see, but now let me just indulge this experience, I won a Hanabishi Sandwich Maker, perfect for my kitchen!


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Turning Your Kitchen Into Your Favorite Restaurant

Have you ever thought of turning your own kitchen into a fun restaurant for you and your family? The idea is not that crazy when you realize that all you really need to do is decide on a theme and then set aside an eating area. If your kitchen does not have the room for a seating area, then you can find contractors today who will help you to get the look and space you need.

Finding A Theme

When you are trying to decide on a theme for your home restaurant you can either make up your own or model your kitchen after your favorite restaurant. It is important to get a good piece of software that will help you to make up your design because you do not want to try and make this project up as you are going along. As you are choosing a theme, try to keep in mind that it is your home kitchen and installing a four-person booth is not going to be practical for your five family members. Customize your design as needed, and create a theme that your family will enjoy.

Creating A Menu

One of the benefits of eating at home is that you can make whatever kind of meal you want. But if you are going to turn your kitchen into your favorite restaurant, then you should do your best to offer the meals you most enjoy when you go out. Invest in a large freezer to have the right ingredients on hand and expand your home restaurant’s menu to include all of the meals that you enjoy.

Unleash Your Creativity

If you decide to create your own theme, then do not hold back when it comes to ideas. You may wind up creating such an inviting restaurant theme in your kitchen that your friends may suggest you start a real restaurant. Get your family involved in the planning and create a restaurant that offers everything you would want in a place of your own. Unleash your creativity and you will be surprised at the results.

Families that enjoy eating out should consider turning their home kitchens into restaurants of their own. Whether you are mimicking your favorite restaurant or creating something no one has ever seen, you will be giving your family the ability to always feel like they are eating out. Another benefit of a home restaurant is that it will save you money on your entertainment budget because eating at home is usually less expensive than actually going out.

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