2 Huge Of Pizza At Lunch

Today, our Supervisor at work treat us for lunch, he bought us a huge 2 round of pizza in S&R. And since it was a treat, we all enjoy it. It is free so who will not enjoy it right? He also bought us a drink in 7/11. Everything just looks awesome until I went home. I still have back pain, and I guess it is getting worst. I am suspecting a UTI but I hope not. I still can’t do the number 4 I don’t know why. I already ran out of tea and I don’t want to buy anymore. I want it just loosen up naturally. I hope I will be okay when I wake up later tonight. Geez, I can still imagine the big pizza, I got two slices and it seems like it was not enough.

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Enjoy Travel With Group Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

It has been a while that we were not able to have a vacation unlike before, we always take time to go to a place where we never been before. I always planned our vacation for at least few months away before the date. Planning ahead of time especially if it’s for vacation, can at least help you minimize the budget, not only with budget but the hotel that you will be spending the night with. When I am planning for our vacation, I always look for the place, the hotel and the food of course and how much they can offer if we will spend like a week there.

That’s why I love Groupon Coupons because you can save a lot, I am a Mom of two and I do the budget when it comes for traveling and family vacation. And I won’t deny it I always looking forward for discounts and offer and I am sure you are too, even if you are a backpacker or you are with your family or friends, it is practical if you can get promotions or discounts to the place where you want to have a vacation. You should consider hotel.com for discounts. I am sure you will enjoy your travel if you can spend less and spend even with other things. Of course when you go travel you would consider the food that the place is offering you, the souvenirs that you can shop and the things that you will bring home.

With hotels.com, you might want to consider in grabbing coupon codes so to get more discounts!

As I mentioned above, shopping cannot be avoided when traveling. Coupon Codes does not stop in a hotel or in traveling. You can also find with discounts when buying some stuffs for your family at home. Try to check these stores and the coupons:

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Life is Good


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Just Chill And Relax

I was driving on my way home, when I saw the big billboard of Kuya J. Kuya J was just put up in SM Ecoland and I always want to try it. So when I got the chance one day, I invited some of my friends for lunch there. I was not wrong to choose the place because aside from the delicious meal, the price is not that expensive. For the Binagoongan that we ordered it only cost P250.00 and it is already good for two people. I ordered Grilled Pork cost only about P100.00 plus. We added 2 halo halo for dessert. The place is so cozy; the ambiance is not too much. The displays were just so simple that you can just chill and relax. It is not irritating in the eye after all. Here were some of the pictures when we had our lunch there.

 photo 13876293_10209679197992839_1668879543217125911_n.jpg

These shelves looks pretty amazing, the simplicity can make all people feel welcome

 photo 13882453_10209679217313322_7984942261068973665_n.jpg

You are not only enjoying the foods but also the ambiance of the restaurant

 photo 13880376_10209679218473351_8710610291757597308_n.jpg

The Binagoongan with rice is just superb, it just looks like small

but I am telling you it is really good for two people

 photo 13912617_10209679220513402_2327171227619893133_n.jpg

Grilled Pork

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Company Annual Checkup

Tomorrow will be our Annual Checkup in our company. The Annual Checkup includes all from dental, Chest X ray, CBC count, even Pap smear. I wanted to pass but they said I should not because it will affect my membership to Intellicare. Yes we are a member of this health insurance so to get free consultation to those clinics that are affiliated to Intellicare. The Annual Checkup has been started since July 21st I think, and the deadline of doing it will be on July 27th so our supervisor agreed with us to do it tomorrow during our last duty this week, since our rest day will be right after. I will do the Physical checkup, but I guess I can’t do the Pap smear because I just had my period, the requirement should be 10 days prior to have the Pap smear. Maybe I will just have to do it with my Obgynie.

This benefit can really help us since our work is at night. I mean I guess we are prone for some sickness since our sleep is not in the normal schedule. At least through this we will know, what is happening to our body and our health if we need to undergo some specific checks. As I always felt whenever checkups are compulsory, I hope everything is fine with me. My kids are still so little, they need me if I learn something that is not good with me, I would surely feel down. I know though and I am sure that I am perfectly fine it is just sometimes, my pathetic mind keeps on kicking in and I am worried.


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