The Nutrients You Can Get From Sugarcane

Which section of sugarcane that is sweet and not sweet?

The upper section of the sugarcane is the one that is not sweet while the section that tasted sweet is the one that is close to the roots portion, the lower half section. You may wonder why the sweet section is the roots portion; it is because the excess carbohydrate nutrients will be stored in the roots. Besides the upper section is nearer to the section where most leaves grow. If there are more leaves, it means that much water will be lost because it evaporates the reason why it decreases the sugar because it will dilute fast.

Don’t you know that sugarcane can also turn out into rum? The rum or the wine in Cuba is made by using sucrose as the raw ingredient, which is made into molasses. We are all aware that sugarcane is the main source of sugar. But it is not also the main source of sugar, when the juice is extracted, the left over is what we call bagasse which has 50% of fibre that can also be used as pepper.

Sugarcane is abundant of sucrose, fructose, glucose, and minerals. The juice of the sugarcane can replenish moisture and reduce body heat.


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The Malunggay Bread

I don’t often eat veggies, oh well I ate selected and only with selected dish. Mj told me last week when bought some bread that she should have bought because it is better. So yesterday when she bought some bread, she made sure that she will buy the malunggay bread. It was hot when she bought it so all of us enjoyed the bread you cannot even determined if it is a vegetable bread it still taste like pandesal, well it looks like one.

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What benefits you can get from Malunggay?

Oh well, everyone knows that it is herbal plant in which can prevent cancer, a nutrition fighting microbes and can control blood sugar too. The Malunggay tree is known as miracle tree as all parts of the tree is beneficial to our health.


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Gone Are The Two Days

I filed a leave of absence at work, wanted to have a stay-cation in the hotel nearby with kids but due to financial constraints I was not able to do so. I wanted to dine in their fancy restaurant, want to smell those very delish foods in the buffet, want to bloat my tummy eating those delicious foods but I guess it will just stay in my imagination because I wasn’t able to do all that as planned because I have to prioritize my youngest enrollment. Can you imagine? It is already June but I still did not enroll her. On the other hand, before the 2 leave of absence from work, I made sure I have all frozen foods in stock in our refrigerator so instead of eating in a fancy restaurant; I want to prepare dinner for them instead. The first night was Mariel offered to cook Chicken Curry; yes all the ingredients are all in. Mariel could not cook without the complete and proper ingredients. On the 2nd night Mj offered to cook our dinner and that was the Giniling, yesterday night since I have work at night again, Sister Merlyn was the one who cooked the Escabeche. Where’s my contribution, I guess none at all because the moment I will get ready the ingredients someone would offer to cook some foods. Oh well, I guess they are better cook than me.

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Salmon Fish For You And Me

Salmon fish is one those fish that is very pricey in the wet market but I guess the price is all worth it because this fish has the biggest source for Omega 3 fatty acids, in which can prevent or less risked to cancer, heart disease and depression. So if you are depressed and want to jump off from the building you better seek for Salmon right away so to lessen your depression. I am just not sure that it can totally help you to clear out your mind that jumping from the building is not always the solution to your problem sometimes you just have to face it and not run away with it and eat healthy foods for you to at least smile that even if you failed of certain things you still have the right to live and be hopeful, I know for sure that everything will be put in its place.

Anyway an ounce of Salmon can be 50 percent of your niacin intake every day. It can also reduce the risk for getting the Alzheimer’s disease.


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