After Hiro, Hukad

Last Saturday we agreed to watch a movie, it was late already when it was finish so the whole gang agreed to eat in the opened nearby restaurant. And since the only restaurant that has our favorites, we pursue going to Hukad.

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Dinner With The Team

We planned to watch a movie after the DCAA; Mj was not able to join in this competition since she was not qualified when she competes the DACS so we went to the mall right away. At first we agreed to meet a mall that is a bit near to our house but all the tickets were sold out so we have to look for another mall and this time, it was the farthest mall from where we live.

Everyone is so excited with the movie; I brought my kids and niece with me. We watched the Hero 5. Faith was so behave when she watched the movie; she seems so serious about it and didn’t even bug to disturb anyone. Right after we watched the movie, the whole gang agreed to have late dinner in Hukad, We ordered Pork Patatim, Soup and there’s one food that I forgot. Anyway, since everyone was so hungry already when the food arrives, we became so quiet and just indulge the delicious foods in the table. We finish a bit late but who cares as long as our tummy has been taken cared off, we don’t care if we are sleepy anyway the kids will just have to sleep in the car if they liked to but good luck to me I must not sleep while driving.

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All Soul’s Day Dinner

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Right after we visited my Dad in his tomb last All Soul’s Day, I treat the whole family at dinner in Chicken Savory. I always love their chicken there, it is just so delish. I also ordered us a chicken soup so if the chicken is not enough, there’s a soup for back up. We went out so full, even Faith got mess up, she spill the water when we started eating we have to transfer table so the staff can clean the whole table. Yeah I was a bit mad, but she said sorry I just told her to be very careful. Aside from that, we surely enjoyed our dinner with the whole family!

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Don’t Be Afraid To Go To The Dentist

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? You should not because with regular visit to the dentist could help you determine with diabetes because of gum disease. You may not believe it or not gum disease is an earliest symptoms. You may ask your dentist about it and the risk factors like of the family history. And when you are frequently having dental check-ups, there will be a lower risk for heart attack and lower risk of stroke. Because bacteria in your mouth enter through blood vessels and would cause to form a plaque, also the cause to blockages and eventually the cause for heart risk and stroke.

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