Company Annual Checkup

Tomorrow will be our Annual Checkup in our company. The Annual Checkup includes all from dental, Chest X ray, CBC count, even Pap smear. I wanted to pass but they said I should not because it will affect my membership to Intellicare. Yes we are a member of this health insurance so to get free consultation to those clinics that are affiliated to Intellicare. The Annual Checkup has been started since July 21st I think, and the deadline of doing it will be on July 27th so our supervisor agreed with us to do it tomorrow during our last duty this week, since our rest day will be right after. I will do the Physical checkup, but I guess I can’t do the Pap smear because I just had my period, the requirement should be 10 days prior to have the Pap smear. Maybe I will just have to do it with my Obgynie.

This benefit can really help us since our work is at night. I mean I guess we are prone for some sickness since our sleep is not in the normal schedule. At least through this we will know, what is happening to our body and our health if we need to undergo some specific checks. As I always felt whenever checkups are compulsory, I hope everything is fine with me. My kids are still so little, they need me if I learn something that is not good with me, I would surely feel down. I know though and I am sure that I am perfectly fine it is just sometimes, my pathetic mind keeps on kicking in and I am worried.


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Need A Space In The Kitchen

My daughter want to have a drum set for a gift this Christmas, when I asked the price around, I learned that it is very expensive. I told Mj though to wait a little, as I can’t afford it right now. Along with the drum set, I also asked the price for alesis sr18, I heard it is one of the musician’s desires; I want Mj to have this too. But the thing is I don’t know when yet, I needed lots of funds to buy the drum set and a space in our house. Yes, a space, we don’t have much space in the house to place the drum set. There is one spot in the kitchen but I am planning to place our new computer table there, yes I am planning to buy one because this high counter is such a pain in the legs.

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For Your Kitchen To Maximize The Space

I have so many things I needed to change in this house, and now since I almost done paying with our loan, I can now save some money for the renovation, first thing first if not another bedroom I would like to have our kitchen extended. I always love our cabinet have its own division, apportionment to some of my kitchen appliances, just like my  microwave oven, I would like to have it on its own place in our built in cabinet above the kitchen sink.

To help your kitchen to look wider, you can try to run bead board across the ceiling upright to the floorboards. Keep your gallery kitchen from looking like a bowling alley.

Banquette seating and built in storage can maximize space in the kitchen as well as the eating nook.

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The Nutrients You Can Get From Sugarcane

Which section of sugarcane that is sweet and not sweet?

The upper section of the sugarcane is the one that is not sweet while the section that tasted sweet is the one that is close to the roots portion, the lower half section. You may wonder why the sweet section is the roots portion; it is because the excess carbohydrate nutrients will be stored in the roots. Besides the upper section is nearer to the section where most leaves grow. If there are more leaves, it means that much water will be lost because it evaporates the reason why it decreases the sugar because it will dilute fast.

Don’t you know that sugarcane can also turn out into rum? The rum or the wine in Cuba is made by using sucrose as the raw ingredient, which is made into molasses. We are all aware that sugarcane is the main source of sugar. But it is not also the main source of sugar, when the juice is extracted, the left over is what we call bagasse which has 50% of fibre that can also be used as pepper.

Sugarcane is abundant of sucrose, fructose, glucose, and minerals. The juice of the sugarcane can replenish moisture and reduce body heat.


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