Happy Birthday To My Eldest Daughter

The simple celebration turned out to be a grand because of our team mates. They were the one who brought the cakes, we had moist cake, carrot cake and brazo de mercedes. I just bought pizza from S & R and pancit guisado and some drinks. They only have one hour of training because of her birthday. Mj suggested having no swim on her birthday but I told her coach at least one hour so we will not waste our time to go to the pool. I mean the fuel going there cost much; the village is too far from our house. We will have 2 reasons in going to the clubhouse to celebrate and to swim.

I have to thank our dearest friends for the foods that they brought for Mj’s birthday. It will never be a grand without you all.

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Pork Hamonado A Little Modification

My ingredients are:

Instead of tenderloin I bought Pork Kasim. I was also able to buy pine apple chunks, brown sugar, calamansi juice, soy sauce ( I used the caramelized the mushroom dark soy sauce. And cooking oil.

The recipe was you have to marinate the pork with calamansi, pine apple juice, brown sugar, calamansi juice for 24 hours and since I don’t have time to marinate that long. I just marinate the pork for about 30 minutes or more, I used the juice of the pine apple chunks since I was not able to buy the pine apple juice. I also wipe the meat with mustard honey.

After I marinate it, I put some cooking oil in the frying pan just a little bit of cooking oil to fry the meat. Make sure that the meat will turn light brown on all sides. Add the reserved marinate sauce and then the pineapple chunks. I simmered it for about 15 minutes and that’s it. So even though it didn’t reach to 24 hours, the mustard honey did the trick.

So other than my fried chicken recipe this will add up to my recipe. I am looking forward for more though, oh well I hope so.

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Ice Blended Coffee And Red Velvet

Yesterday, after I sent my youngest daughter to school, I went out to the mall to get the money for my niece so she can pay her tuition fee at school today. I was roaming around the mall and I got bored, I planned to buy some grocery but it is too early and I am worried I will just spoil the frozen foods. I messaged my friend if where was she at that time; she was still at home but on her way to a coffee shop. She invited me if I could be with her. I drove to the coffee shop right away and she treat me this.

 photo 10929897_10205270819626135_7032950660022879478_n_zpse2dfed9e.jpg

Coffee Ice Blend

 photo 10941875_10205270820026145_8904259783450156474_n_zps71e98d55.jpg

A slice of red velvet.

Blu Gre is always known for their cakes and beverages. I ordered the Ice Blended Coffee with cream yesterday with Choco loco flavor. It is so sweet, and it got sweeter when I had a bite of their red velvet cake. I thought I could not finish the whole slice but I did! Of course with the help of my friend, yes for this cake it can share for two people. But if you craved for a cake, don’t share it to anyone you can have the whole slice and I guess it is enough.

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Grooming Is Healthy

To become healthy is not just the nutrition you get from the food you eat. But also on how to take good care of yourself. Proper hygiene is also one fact for a healthy living. Beauty products and being choosy of which product you are going to use is not only for women, men also need to pick the best for them especially when it comes to shaving. I have known taylor of old bond street for a while now. I mean when it comes to shaving cream they are the leading brand. Most of men used that kind of brand, and I bet my husband as well as he oftentimes shaved. If your men does not use this shaving cream, if you are a caring partner or wife you must introduce this to him. Remember being healthy is depending also of how grooming you are and how you take good care of yourself.,

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