In Waking Up Early

I woke up with my husband’s call again, it was actually almost 9:00 a.m., that time and we are still sleeping. After we chatted for like how many minutes, my kids were still asleep. My husband would always asked me why the kids could not wake up early to start the day right. Well, it’s vacation time so I let them wake up late in the morning.

My husband could not talk to me tonight since he has to attend his Dad’s funeral. He was not able to have a last look at the casket because he was 30 minutes late. Right now, he is in a hotel and was so tired. He said he will just call me when he gets up in the morning. I am sure he would wake up so early unlike us here.

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  1. Chie Wilks says:

    ayy..nawala jud diay iya father sis..sad to hear about that.. anyway korek pud, basta bakasyon maka-enjoy na ang kids of katulog..

    love ur new page

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