Reporting In

My husband has been calling me since the time he went back home to Maryland, the first stop, when he called me was that he was in South Carolina. He just told me he is ready to go back home at 10:00 p.m., I was worried that he might get too sleepy and he would close his eyes upon driving but he assured me once he gets too sleepy, he will just stop by and take a nap. When he was already in Virginia and that was 2:00 a.m., he said he is reporting in, telling me, he is safe and that he just woke up and ready for some coffee then he will be heading home then. Just tonight, when the clock strikes 6:00 p.m., he called me again and said he is safe and is now home, he just wanted to get some sleep and rest.

2 Responses to “Reporting In”

  1. genny says:

    how sweet naman para mareport. dapat jud report para dili makasab an.wahhhhhhhh

  2. ivy says:

    ka sweet sa habibi mo gurl..ana gyud ba report gyud kay dli baya lalim ang ma worry…

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