I was not able to buy my air puff and nasal spray again, sigh!

Well, we went to my sister’s house to attend my niece graduation party, this was supposed to be on Friday since their graduation at school was held during that day but no one will be able to cook because my brother-in-law has a work at night and that he has to sleep during the day. Thus after their graduation rites, I treat them at the restaurant at lunch. My kids were not able to join since Jm was watching “Bulong” and F, she just won’t go when her sister can’t, and besides my sister was there to watch after them.

The lunch was a blast! If only we were not late for lunch, we could choose what we wanted to eat but we arrived there 1:30 p.m, they said, they will not be able to refill the trays anymore and that at 2:00 p.m. they will take all away those trays. We said alright, anyway there are still some foods to choose for so that was fine with us. When they were about to fixed the trays they asked us if we wanted more so they can continue clearing those stuff. Well, we were already full; my niece almost could not finish her food. Although we were late they still served us the best, I think I would dine there very often.

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