Care for Ex-Links?

This blog was just published, with my 5 blogs, no actually 7 the other two was not properly introduced since there were only few post there just yet but I would introduced it when it is the right time.

Anyway, back for this blog, yeah as the title says, I am actually seeking now for ex-links just please message me to my chat box located in my sidebar or comment me to any of my post  if you want me to add your blog here and please add this blog too. I will try to visit you from my lists here. Thanks!

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7 Responses to “Care for Ex-Links?”

  1. genny says:

    count me in for xlinks madam ann.hehehe

  2. jona says:

    Hi Anne, been following you here. You’re in other blog’s list 😀
    Let me invite you to Sweet Saturday meme. Here’s the
    first post and linky.
    Hope you can join. Enjoy blogging 😀

  3. Mrs.D says:

    ayay! pagkabibo sa blog world…ehehhehe..ako ra i add imong mga new blogs Anne…congrats!

  4. kayth says:

    me too!

    btw, I am your follower already 😀

  5. carina says:

    i’ve added your two blogs anne! thank forbeing my top commentor 🙂

  6. shydub says:

    Hello Anne added your blog to my blogroll and you are my top commenter too.

    Btw, add mo nlng yung link ko the let me know sa link para ma add ko din

  7. Kayth says:

    I grab your badge, you can view it on my Kasai’s Friendship Link

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