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What if it is already too late?

When your parents are too strict or will not buy the things you want to have, do you think they are wicked because you can’t have those things? Do you wish to have other parents who would give you all despite of the things you already have?

When I watched this film Coraline, I wonder if my eldest daughter ever think of replacing me as her Mom since I don’t buy all the things she pinpointed in the mall. Just like the Justine Bieber CD we saw in the music shop, oh how she wanted to have the copy of his album but I said no because I bought her another fins for her swimming and F has her own goggles, cap and floater too. So we have to set those things unnecessary aside, she understood and did not say a word.

But I am sure some other kids won’t, they would disagree that they would bang the door behind their moms. And sometimes they wish to have another mother who is not too strict but what if your wishes come true but later there is something they would ask in exchange of those things you wanted and that you can’t go back to your own parents and such? Then you realized how you love your mom, that even she is so strict, you still need her more than anyone else, would you ran away from your new Mom and if when you did, what if it is already too late.

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