Summer Busy!

I am so busy here although the new coach is putting the entire program in order for the kids to get home early. I am so glad that Ate Charlot message me the other night to join their team. At first, I really did not want to join since Jm already has her teacher to guide her with her training but on the second thought, seeing them and hearing their plans, is not bad at all so I went to the new venue.  Then right there I realized the advantage  if my daughter would continue her training there besides her team mates who decided to be separated from the previous club were there.  I always thankful for Teacher Jenly for understanding us when I asked her permission if we could transfer so we our plane ticket will not be wasted. Jm started their training yesterday afternoon and this morning, we went there so early. I could see her determination for the training even though she’s coping up again with her speed and her stroke.


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