Sometimes Life Is Just Too Unfair

Sometimes I could say life is too unfair.


Okay, here’s what happen.

When our kids started swimming at 5:30 p.m. there are still kids from the learn to swim program who were at the pool. They were crossing vertically and just playing. We tried so hard to warn our kids to watch out because there are still kids out there who seem so insensitive that their time is up and they need to get up from the pool, which was okay, we understand because they were just kids. Our kids were so careful not to hit them now when one of our kids were at the wall already to touch it, one kid just hit him at the back it was so hard that it even swell. My friend’s son cried, aside from the pain he felt on his back, he feels like it was really so unfair why did this kid hit him while he was even so careful while swimming and besides they were just playing over there.

The one who supervised the learn to swim program should passed a noticed to their enrollees that aside from them, there are some others as well, wanted to use the pool.

The parent of the kid didn’t even said sorry for what his kid has done to our friend.

Ah sometimes life is just too unfair.

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One Response to “Sometimes Life Is Just Too Unfair”

  1. emzkie says:

    oh oh.. u should complain about this sis. kung dito pa yan.. naka demanda na yan.

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