We Had A Free Ride

We had a free ride, the neighbor of my sister who deals me with a car, sent us to the pool, thus, for me to know if it really conditioned good. Well, so far it did not give us problem the only issue of the car is, there are some parts in the interior needed to replace like the handle of the door, then the chair is crooked, those minor things, which we can do that afterwards.

However, my friends suggested that I should be buying not a second hand but a brand new one or the latest model because it might give me a problem when I started to use it. Now I am having doubts again if I would buy it or not, although the person who deals me with this car assured me that the engine really works great. I will not be having any problem with that, I hope he was being honest.

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2 Responses to “We Had A Free Ride”

  1. joy says:

    visiting you here, adgitizing at the same time 🙂

  2. Hazelicious says:

    I agree with your friend, Anne. Better buy a new car instead of buying a second hand car. No matter what they say, it has been used and you don’t know what happened to it. They might say it’s still in good condition but they don’t tell it all.

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