Please Be Mine

The picture below is the car that I would like to buy, my sister brought my camera with her to take a picture of it. It is an old model but when we got a ride on it, I kind a like it. I am not sure if you would agree with me, the chassis is still in good condition and it is newly overhauled by our friend who own an auto shop so he knows if it is still in good condition or not. His nephew supposedly will going to buy it but they changed their mind because they need a car than can travel rough road since they have a business in the province and they need a pick up to get the goods from there and deliver it here. So this car is still available, I hope this will be mine soon. I am crossing my fingers for it.

This is the front face of the car

The interior

3 Responses to “Please Be Mine”

  1. Willa says:

    Nice one sis! Bakit bibili ka pa ng car if you guys will be migrating soon?Sayang lang…

  2. genny says:

    wow ann! ibilin sa akoa inig larga nimo ha?hehehe

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