Seems like it was squished so hard

When we arrived home this afternoon from grocery shopping, my heart seems like it was squished so hard. Maybe because the stressed that I had the other day, I asked my daughter to get the lady who will do some massage since my body aches last night but then my daughter came back to the house without the lady because she was sick and she could not even stand up. My eldest daughter opted to just put some menthol oil in my back, legs and arms. I was relieved and was able to wake up early in the morning to send Jm to the pool.

Maybe, the reason why my heart muscle seems like painful is because I am too full? Nope I did not any rice until like 4:00 p.m., yet I feel like I’ve eaten a lot. Sigh, while writing this my heart still seems like so heavy, I wonder if this was caused by the incident the other day. Oh how I missed my cell phone!

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