Top 10 Commentators

I always thank to those who are really exerting an effort to comment, that’s why even how busy I am, I always makes sure that I will comment back who leave their message in my blog. And to give them compliments for making the time and effort, I am putting the three  top commentators in my sidebar. So check it out, thanks!

Kudos to my top 10 Commentators:

Shydub of Family and Life Online (7)

Hazelicios of Unwritten Chronicles (6)

Chubskulit of Nostalgic Marveling (5)

Genny of A Click Away (5)

Krystin of Really Are You Serious (4)

Mel Cole of The Joly Toes (4)

Shengkay of Shengkay’s Journal (4)

Cheerful of Mommy’s Life Around (3)

Emzkie of (3)

joy of Notepad Corner (3) myspace graphic comments

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  1. Mona says:

    congrats on the list, bawi next time anne 🙂

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