Mommy and Me Monday : Our Mother’s Day Celebration

Here’s what we did on Mother’s Day.

We went to pancake’s house to have dinner, while we were waiting, my niece could not help to take some pictures of us.

It’s their turn now, Jm asked for yugurt so I gave her money to buy some at the nearby store

This is me!

My niece

and me again eating spaghetti

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I hope you had a very sumptuous celebration as well.

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What about you? What did you do during Mother’s Day?

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6 Responses to “Mommy and Me Monday : Our Mother’s Day Celebration”

  1. Happy Mother”s Day to you! Looks like you had a wonderful day 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    what a happy moment for the family :d

  3. darcie says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! looks like everyone had a fun time!

  4. What a beautiful family!

  5. Bambie ♥ says:

    Belated happy mother’s day to you 🙂 ang saya naman ng bonding nyo and its so nice may taga picture din kayo 🙂 have a nice day

  6. Krystyn says:

    Mother’s Day is a great day to eat out…glad you enjoyed yourself.

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