Behaving So Well

My little teapot has been behaving at school. That was the report of her teacher to us.

We were wondering why she does not have anyone beside her at school, oh well, the one who sat beside her has been transferred to another chair because they tend to just play and won’t be listening at all. That is good though, plus the teacher has to sit beside her since she has so many things to catch up as she just started summer class this month. Her classmates are too way ahead of her, so the teacher has so many things to tackle to her during breaks or when they are about to go home.

And oh, she won’t stand up and roam around the classroom anymore, I was amazed I didn’t expect her to behave like that, I guess sending her to school had a better impact on her.

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  1. genny says:

    very good pityang.. way to go…:-)

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