Pink Friday # 5: Cute Pink Umbrella

It was a hot afternoon, my daughter just finished her training and she said her throat was dry and she needs something to drink to freshen up. And so we ordered this two mango shakes below, she and her friends were having a fun time with these cute umbrellas that were put in our glasses. They claimed it so cool!

See the cute umbrellas? Cool isn’t it?

I am sure you noticed the pink umbrella, this serves as my entry for


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10 Responses to “Pink Friday # 5: Cute Pink Umbrella”

  1. Jadyn says:

    perti ka kyot haha, nganu man naay umbrella ang shakes or any drinks no, gi initan pud kaha sila? TUOD, KA PRETTYYYYYYYY SA NEW LAYOUT!

    hope you can take a peek at my PF entry here Pink Biscuits and Wild Flowers

  2. mestizas says:

    nice one! visiting from PF… see yah!

  3. oh yeah, that little umbrella is a stealer! so cute! but i want the one in the glass! such a quencher! pahingi! lol

    In PINK with the Sakura

  4. Mel Cole says:

    Ang cute nang umbrella 🙂 Nakaka-uhaw naman yang mango shake mo sis. Hope to see you in my Pink Fridays post here.

  5. imriz says:

    most of the times, i get to bring home such cutie umbrellas sa mga drinks, nice home decor kz:)

  6. genny says:

    asa naman ni nga payong ann?heheehe

  7. ooh, the small umbrella is so cute. thanks for the visit.

  8. Stef says:

    Those little umbrellas are pretty! My PF entry is up too! Thanks and see you around.

  9. chubskulit says:

    Miss ko na yan Anne.. My daughter and hubby love that too.

  10. Hyanne says:

    Whew, I am drooling in those glass, love mango shake so much!

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