I took a good long nap yesterday when suddenly Mj blurted out that we don’t have Internet connection at all. I immediately got up from bed and call the number that the PLDT gave me when I visited their company to ask for my bill. One got my call but he referred me to another department, yet the number he gave me sucks! I always got a busy tone. Thus, I dialed the 171 and after waiting like an hour, I was able to get a hold of somebody. I asked her what was my grounds of disconnection, she told me then that I was not disconnected but restricted. Oh well, it’s the same thing since I still could not get that damned connection. She told me that I should wait for 48 hours for my concern to realized, she said I have a balance that I need to pay, oh well then that was my fault, since there is no bill arrived even the first day my DSL was installed. I asked her to reconnect my line and will pay that remaining amount the next day, she insisted she would submit that report but I have to wait for 48, what the heck! I did not even get any notice that I will get disconnected right at that moment.

So I went to my ISP and complained about their billing service. Good thing, the woman was so cool and was able to respond my concern. She asked me to pay the remaining amount then she would reconnect the line as soon as I am finished paying the balance. Thank GOD I should not wait for freaking 48 hours otherwise I would command her to disconnect forever.

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  1. genny says:

    isuga jud nimo ann oie, tagam sila.wahhhh palakpakan ka ann.:-)

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