Independent and Perseverance

The other day, when Mj entered inside the Kumon to do her worksheets, she went back to me and said her teacher wanted to talk to me. I never thought that she is done with her test in KUMON; she took the test last month. And when it’s finished, after they see the results they will be going talk to the parents for the updates of her activity in KUMON.

During the previous meet up with her teacher, their comments were always she is easily destructed; sometimes she will not concentrate on what she was doing. And every time the teacher would talk to me, I have to reprimand her after to do or answer her worksheets seriously.

On that note, since she already had given the periodical test last month, the teacher told me of her performance, and I am so happy with the result because even though her schedule is so hectic, she still was able to cope up and yet improving with her KUMON performance. The teacher she is independent, she just asked questions when after she tried so hard to answer and still could not get it, that’s the only time she would asked. And when the teacher told her what to do with the answer sheets, she would get it right away. Her perseverance is strong, even she has two subjects in KUMON she needs to attend to, yet she still tried her best to cope it up. The teacher even acknowledge her for the job well done, she is now in the next level for Math. Way to go Mj!

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