It was only in College when I had my first crush, yet I don’t know if that was really a crush since all my friends said I’ve got to have a crush.

I was a late bloomer I believe, because even when I was in high school, I really didn’t have one crush. Or maybe I just don’t feel like telling all my friends about my feeling for a certain person. Maybe I preferred to just keep it to myself.

We were riding at the car of my friend when my daughter just bluntly told their friends that her friend who was only in front of them got a crush on their friend who was just beside of that friend. She even teased the girl and so was the boy, the girl just didn’t said a word.

When we got down from the van, I immediately told my daughter that what she did was wrong, when someone told her about a secret, she should not tell it to world because it would make the other person embarrassed. Her friend would tend not to trust her anymore because she just didn’t seem to care to keep it.

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  1. Jhari says:

    I on the other hand had a crush as early as grade2 sis. Hehehe! Pero first puppy love at Grade6. Feeling grown up na kasi. Pero ang puppy love ko noon eh best-friend ko now.

    Thanks for visiting me over my blog. Care to exchange badges with me?

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