Schedule In Kumon, Fixed

It has been a week already that I am so worried with Mj’s schedule in Kumon. I thought since she will be having a training on TTHS, and Kumon’s last school year schedule was only Monday, Thursday and Saturday, Mj could only attend the Monday and Saturday, the thing is they only accommodate one subject on Saturday and that is only for Math. When I received the schedule today, I was so ready to ask for advised regarding with her schedules. I am so glad that Kumon is also supporting her with her swimming. So when I asked about her schedule, the head of the Kumon, did some changes, Mj could have a schedule on Wednesday for English so she still can do her worksheets at Kumon twice a week for two subjects. For Monday it would be English and Math and for Wednesday would be only be for English and Saturday would be for Math. Thank you so much Kumon!

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