We Were Locked Up!

As we were so exhausted from the mall last night, we were so delighted when finally we were able to arrive home. My niece Moreen immediately tried to open our door in the bedroom so she could change my little teapot. But when she tried to push the door, even the doorknob was unlock at all, she told me right away that the double lock from the inside was also actually locked. I forgot to put a block so it won’t goes up and lock. So when I close it just before we went out from the house, I didn’t expect that when we arrive home on that night, we could not get inside in our bedroom anymore.

So me, my niece and Mj tried so hard to find a solution in how to get inside our bedroom, I already thought to dismantle the grills of our aircon, thus Mj could get inside the hole where the aircon was place and so she can get inside to unlock the door. But of course that would take a lot of time before we can really get inside, good thing that the string of our double lock was a bit long so it is not hard for me to pull it over in case my hand could slip inside while my daughter and my nieces are trying to open the door a bit so my hand could slipped in.

Finally with the help of the hook of a hanger I was able to pull it over, that was so tiring and it indeed made me nervous. I’ve learned my lesson to put a block on our double lock so it won’t get through and will eventually lock us up.

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  1. genny says:

    kuyawa mj oie…akyat bahay ang drama….go go go.:-)

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