Enrolled Her Yesterday

Finally, I enrolled Faith to the school where she has her summer class, I though we could enroll her yet next month after we arrived from Manila but my husband was able to find a way  to send me enough for our little teapot enrollment. Now, my main concern is when to buy them school supplies, our money will be spend for the renewal of the car and some accessories that we need to install there. Although things are getting hard I know GOD will never forsake us, he would find a way for us to cope up.

On the other hand, I am so excited of Faith wearing her uniform, somebody sell their uniform to us because their daughter will be transferring to the other school. The uniform was slightly used and I think it would be cheaper if I will not going to buy a new fabric for her uniform and hire someone to sew it. It is more practical if we would buy it since it is only slightly used in that way we could save or used some of the money for another expenses.

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  1. Tetcha says:

    I guess it’s us moms who really get excited when our little ones start going to school. I can’t wait to hear your story when your daughter has her Moving Up Day! I’m sure you’ll get teary-eyed, just like I was! LOL!

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