In Working Abroad

It is hard for a mother to leave her child to support her in her needs through working abroad. Yet, even though it hurts her so badly, in order for them to survive she has to leave.

When I was asked before if I would be given a chance to work outside of the country. I said yes, but I doubted if I could ever do that, because that means I would leave my daughter behind. It would hurt me so deep and I think I can’t bear to go without her in my side, it already makes me cry, even just to imagine it. Thus, when someone offered me to work abroad, I didn’t grab it.

I am not against to those parents who went there and work; in fact I saluted them of their bravery. I know so well the hardships of a mother who could not see or touch her own child and I know how she missed her own kid that sometimes wishes that the one whom she babysit or whom, she cares everyday would be her own daughter or son. Maybe just maybe I didn’t have the guts to just leave, for me, it is better to just stay and take care of your own child than to leave without witnessing them, growing up.

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  1. Hyanne says:

    Ang hirap talaga ang mawalay sa pamilya, napakalaking sakripisyo ang ginagawa ng mga magulang ngunit hindi iyon naisip ng ibang mga kabataan na puro bisyo ang nasa isip.

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