We need to move him out

My father’s tomb was taken away and put it in a place where other remains were placed; the public lot was demolished so they have to transfer all the remains that were there. What upset us was that the authority did not even tried to contact us; they said they announced it in public over the radio, local. Oh well, none of us love to listen news over a radio but we are oftentimes watched a local news on TV, they should have done two ways to contact the family of those remains they took over.

Now my father was put in a big cross, so we are trying hard to look for a private memorial park for him, my sister just called and told me that her friend offered us a lot, it is a rush sale from a friend, it only cost 36,000 and we are set. We can immediately transfer my father’s remain to that lot. Unlike if we apply for a loan, it will take us 3 years to transfer him, which is too far away yet. And there is a chance that my father’s remain will be cover up to a new remains, and it would be hard for us to locate him if we will take him already.

Sigh, if only I have the enough funds right now, I might be able to shoulder the whole amount so we could take him away from there already. But I need a month or two to save up with the help of my sister who is working abroad; I need her to shoulder the half of the amount so it will not be hard for me to gather the half of the amount.

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