Never Trust The Bill

Shocked and stunned again with my bills for PLDT, it was really wrong!

I ignore it at first because I know that it was already paid just last month, just before we went to Manila. But the other night, I was surprised that I could not access both my Internet and my phone. So I went there the other day and asked them what happen, why was my bill was not even deducted or was zero when I already paid all the charges and fees, they still have the same issues with their agent. The in-charge when she look at it on their system that I am already fully paid and that my bill is only 947.00 and not 2,500.00, their agency, the one who supposed to send us the bill was late, and that when we are already paid, we just have to ignore the bill. And if we wanted to see our bill, we just have to view it from the Internet.

Their agency was a total waste; they should stop their agency to send us those bills when that was not accurate. Anyway, at least now I know what I will do, never trust the bill. Geez!

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