Mommy and Me Monday : Training

That was me and the team with our coach; we were headed to the 50 meters pool for the team’s final training. The next day will be their big event and our big cheer for them. That was so tiring but that was all worth it!

The final training, my daughter is the one who dives on the first diving board

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

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4 Responses to “Mommy and Me Monday : Training”

  1. dhemz says:

    ka cute jud ani nga pic….hapit ko wa kaila da….:)

  2. Adin B says:

    My goodness! You will never know madala diay sa Olympics ning imoha dalaga mommy Anne B. Maayo pa sya oi ako dili jud kamao mo langgoy. hahahaha….

  3. anney says:

    Visiting here too! Wish ko lang marunong ako lumangoy! hehehe! Goodluck to youir daughter ang her teammates sa big event nila.

  4. Krystyn says:

    I hope she did well.

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