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Sometimes it is better to do things alone

I know that when I write something here, I don’t usually care for my grammar but thanks to my husband who is my walking dictionary and who is always the one who check the words I am using. Although there are times I got annoyed or something because it seems like all my works were not good enough. I know he just wanted me to do good, but do you sometimes feel like you want them to leave you alone because you cannot be yourself when they always correct you. So sometimes I told him to quit and I know what I am doing. Sounds harsh right? Yet, I know my husband, he understands me to the fullest, he will stop for like days yet he would never give up, he would do that over and over again.

Lately, I’d been using grammar check online; it helped me a lot because he praised me by doing well this time. Although, yes there are still corrections, but not much anymore though, I guess he learned his lessons as well that for me to learn my mistake is to know it myself. It is good to have someone who is always there for you but it is better to do things alone sometimes so you will know what to do and which is right.

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Wedding Rings

Do you sometimes wonder if your husband really wears his wedding ring when he is outside for work? I mean yeah for my sister and her husband doesn’t really wear them because they were already too tight for them, obviously they have grown so big.

For my husband, whenever I saw him on cam, it seems like I did not see our wedding ring on his finger at all, I ignore it at first. But one day, as I can’t help it anymore, I really asked him if he wears it everyday. I was surprised when he told me that he can’t take it off from his finger to the extent he needed soap during X-rays. And even it is already tight for him, he still wears it everyday, and then he showed me his fingers on cam with of course the wedding ring. He asked me if mine is also tight, I answered him yes, then he thought that it would be best for both of us do not wear them at all after he will buy a new set the would replace the old one.

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Does it really work?

Before I have purchased my car two months ago, I was really eyeing for a Used MINI Cooper ever since I saw it online but to my disappointment it is not available here or at least to the store I went to inquire. I wanted a car that doesn’t have to require long clearance when you park, I only want the smaller version not the long one, yet since the one that was offered to me was cheap and since I thought the entire parts were okay, we bought it. Little did I know that there were minor things I need to attend to, I was thankful that I was able to drive the other week, but it got admitted again due for minor problems caused by me. As usual, I am not ready yet to reveal what happen, maybe when I am able to drive again perfectly this time. I could only hope that their will be no other issues along the way when I get the car back again. They said that I should talk to him like I am talking to a human that he should be okay and that we should be a team and will not let me get harm when I drive him. Sounds silly but they said it will work, now tell me, does it really work?

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Upcoming Trip

It was so silly of me that I didn’t know that the team will going out of town next month, I was pretty caught up when they talked about which van or car we could use to go there. They were laughing at me when they saw me like I didn’t know at all.,

Anyway, yeah, next month, the team plans to go out of town again for the kids to experience a 50 meters pool at least before the competition, I haven’t told my husband about this yet, I mean I wanted to but I keep on forgetting it every time we chat, this morning, he helps me with my other laptop and we only talked about the storms and his office mates. Maybe this morning, I hope I will not forget to tell him about the upcoming trip.