Keeping my spirit high

When I didn’t have a car yet, I was wishing so hard to own one so I will have to learn how to drive. I never thought I would struggle so hard, because aside from the extra expenses I have incurred during repairs and maintenance, learning how to drive is never that easy.

I admit I feel so frustrated when I can’t seem to get it right, just like timing of stepping the clutch while changing the gear, the accelerator and the like. You could never imagine that even the simple parking in our garage was too difficult for me, if you had been following my post, you may have read the bumping incidents of our gate and our garage. And now I burned the clutch lining when I tried to stepped hard the accelerator, good thing I could easily contact our mechanic to do some repairs of my car. My husband has been telling me to ask how much would I spend, to convert my car to an automatic, but I guess we will spent a lot of money if we would pursue it. I almost told him to just buy me some remote controlled cars and replace the old one, in that way, maybe just maybe I could drive easily this time, without him worry about me driving. Oh well, I am not sure how much does it cost, so maybe I will just have to set aside that idea and be just comfortable when driving.

I know I just have to get used to it, sooner or later I would learn the proper way for driving. As my friend always told me that there is no instant driver, what I had experienced for now, they also experienced it and even worst than what I have. So I just have kept my spirit high this time and the eagerness of learning how to drive.

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