Praying For Us To Be Together Soon

One thing we are preparing for now is to migrate, I am not sure when or how many years would we wait. I hope the waiting will be over and that we can be together soon. My husband is also having options to buy some properties in Australia or in Norway, recently I also suggest for him to look for properties in kent, like Australia and Norway, they also have houses that are for sale. How I wish to have more money so we can just book our flight and look to the place in person, it would be more advantage if we will go to the place to inquire, thus we could see the background, the way of living and the neighborhood. On the other hand, I know whatever that place be, as long as we are together, everything will turn out just great.

Right now, my husband is trying so hard to figure out what’s wrong with our papers and documents, I know it was easy for others to gather their requirements for interview. I really felt envy of those couple who just waited for like 3 to 9 months, if you would ask me what happen with our journey during our application, I really don’t know, and I don’t know the answer to all your questions. What I want from you for now is to pray that whatever the issue is, my husband would be able to settle it and that we can fly to his place without any hassle. I don’t need your arguments or queries or opinion with regards to our application, I think the best thing to do now for us is to hope that we will be together soon.

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2 Responses to “Praying For Us To Be Together Soon”

  1. everything will be ok, if you put God’s first. Just lift it all up to Him and pray as well Anne, that your plan is also in accordance to His plan coz no matter how much you prayed for it, if its not really His plan it wont happen. My prayers will be for you and your family. Ingats lagi.

  2. Vaneneng says:

    visiting from OT, will pray for your family hope you can all be together the soonest possible time.. Godbless!

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