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Eating Crabs and Prawns

My eldest daughter has to review her lessons at school with her teacher, I made sure what she had to do after since her carpool will be going ahead of her. As I will be meeting a friend to set up a vonage at the other friend’s house, actually I was not the one who set it up but my friend who was working in a tech support at a call center, I was just there to laugh and to eat the crabs and the prawn. LOL!

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On Her Birthday

I talked to my eldest daughter this morning and one of our topics were, where would she celebrate her birthday next year, since she doesn’t like it to be held it at school anymore. She suggested it would be great if she will celebrate it with team mates in the beach, she is asking for a new swim wear, it should not be the same style of what she is wearing during training so she won’t feel that she is not on training anymore. It is funny how it would affect her while it is only a swim wear, oh well, since it would be her birthday she can do what she wants, although the celebration will be next year yet. I even teased her if she likes the idea of hiring a magician or clown like the Dallas Clown, it would be so much fun if we would hire somebody to be as a clown. She gave me a hard look and said she is not getting any younger at all to have a clown on her birthday. She said, I should reserve that on her little sister’s birthday, surely enough, Faith will be delighted and will be happy to have one more clown, aside from Dora or Barney as mascots. I realized where did the time go by? It is so fast; my little Mj is now becoming a lady very soon.

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