Maintaining Proper Hygiene

One thing I always told my kids regarding proper hygiene is to brush their teeth at least 2 times a day. But sometimes in our lives we can’t avoid to have tooth decay so I always make sure that they visit our dentist regularly. It is sad to say that my husband and I doesn’t have those healthy teeth , although we are trying so hard now to give our dentist a visit at least once a month, it is already too late to save the tooth because it is already need to fill in or to take it off and replace it with denture. Bad breath is also one of the things we need to take care of, that one thing I am also telling my eldest daughter that it is important to have no bad breath. I am glad that she is so careful with the foods that she is taking and such, and if she would eat some candies, she made sure that right after that, she will brush her teeth. It is good when you have always to reprimand our kids for those things so they will know.

When your teeth are healthy and it doesn’t have tooth decay at all, you will not be worry of getting a bad breath but if you have and you notice it first thing in the morning, you should cure your bad breath immediately to avoid discomfort and embarrassment. And first thing you must do is to visit your trusted dentist so they could recommend you for a treatment. My kids are lucky because my husband is making sure for their dental care and I am so lucky that even it is expensive to go to our dentist, he is supporting me with it.

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