Unreachable By Floods

When I was still in high school and my sister chooses a house where it is too far from down town area, we were objecting it at first because at that time we just rented a house where all the malls are all accessible. Yet we don’t have any choice but to live with the house that she bought otherwise she will just waste the money that she invested for the house. My sisters and I were really adjusting at that time, especially our transportation expenses. That place was the farthest subdivision of all the subdivision here in our place, I never thought we could survive living not within the down town area.

But now as I noticed, with only few rains, the downtown area get flooded. The water will overflow at the bridge and recently many had died because of the raging water from a lake. Many houses were washed away and many families were so down because of that tragedy. It was a good thing though that we didn’t live at the down town area anymore. Although, I already separated from my sister’s family and I look for the house to rent for my family. I still choose the house that is too far away from city, we live in an elevated area where it is unreachable by floods.

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