Her Ultimate Dreams

My eldest daughter loves to play piano, and she was asking me to enroll her for piano lessons. She was inspired to do that when she saw this girl in the you tube, singing while she plays piano. Well, she was really good, plus she found out that the girl became a you tube sensation and performing already live in the states. Yet, her schedule is so hectic because she trained for swimming, she aspires to become a professional swimmer someday so she is striving hard for her training, aside from being a swimmer she is also doing an advance tutorial for Math and Reading comprehension.

Although, her hectic schedule hindrance her to learn how to play piano, she never giving up the thought to learn though, She told me if she could enroll for it this summer since she doesn’t have classes to attend to for two months. Definitely if she will be able to learn how to play with it, she will ask me to buy her an Akai mpk49, aside from it is convenient for her to carry that, it has the best sound ever, if she would perform at school. I know it is her ultimate dream to learn how to play the piano and we would support her for that. But she has to put it on her mind; she should put her study to be the first on her priorities.

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