Until We Are Together

Facebook already has this video thingy, oh well I guess they are really upgrading to the max now. But I didn’t use it, why should I? Call us old fashion but even though there are already skype, facebook or whatsoever, until now we are still on YM, and we are chatting. It is not that we did not try any other things aside from YM, in fact we tried the skype before, we sign up and all that but after like days, we went back to YM, to our beloved YM and you know what? It all starts there so maybe we can’t let go of it, not just yet until we are together.

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  1. emzkie says:

    hi sis! ive tried the video thingy of fb, and i think its good! the audio quality is pretty good, compare to yahoo na putol putol tapos mag hang pa dyud. but i always like yahoo. hehe.. i tried skype too but it didnt work for me coz i got no friends who are using skype. =)

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