Cancelled Appointments

I supposed to go out this morning to meet my mechanic once again, I can’t say it now what happen to my vintage car, it just disappoints me more if I do. Anyway aside from that, I had to meet supposedly my dentist but that too was cancelled, I was really so tired and sleepy, I haven’t sleep last night because my little love bug has a slight fever. It was Mj who noticed it first; actually, she is always the first one who noticed if her sister is sick. I don’t know how she does that, but she just knew it, and every time she would tell me that, I just shrugged at first. I would say, “no, maybe it is just the weather” then later, Mj would insist and would say, “I think she really is” and to prove that, she would get the digital temperature and put it on Faith’s underarm and then I would know, she is really having a fever.

When one of them are sick, I would always end up sleepless, I would randomly check their fever if it get worst or not, and I always have the medicine ready beside me. Thus, all the appointments now were cancelled, including paying my electric bill. I slept in the morning and in the afternoon, and now here I am, totally wide awake and trying to get more sleep.

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