I Am Keeping The Faith

I love my husband so much and I miss him every minute of the day, it has been a year since we are not together and everyday I wish that he is just beside me, holding me tight. Every time I would tell him how much I miss him, he would always tell me to be strong and soon we will be together. You would ask me how were I able to handle things around here or even wonder about it, oh well, it is just maybe I love him so much and his love for me keeps me strong but sometimes my patient really tests me, when it comes of waiting. And it makes me really want to fight with him over the phone or when we are talking over YM, but later I would realize there is no use to keep on telling him things that make him mad to me as well.

Yes, we argue, I mean a lot of times, I mean come on, we are just human, we also have shortcomings but I always thank GOD for always guiding us. Being married is not always a bed of roses, even we are miles apart, we also struggle through misunderstandings and madness, there’s one time that I thought we already lose each other and when he calls me on the phone, we were already both crying.

I believe this journey will get through until forever. I am always hoping for that and looking forward for celebrating our anniversaries in the coming years. I am keeping the faith.

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