Our Swim Club

We are just launching our swim club now and we are so busy with the designs of the kids’ uniform, our club ID, and so on and so forth. I am already making a canvass for the logo designs and so our swim club custom stickers, the kids are so excited to know about it. They are so excited to wear their uniform at all, yet we are still trying to spend within our budget, with our expenses from the previous competition, we were like under attack. My savings at the bank was empty and my husband as well. It was indeed so costly especially with the food expense, I guess that was the reason why I spent a lot with our seven stay at the place where the competition was held.

Good thing, we are growing slowly right now, we already have numbers of members to at least prove that this club will survive and will stay until forever. The kids already showed their skills during the last month competition and next month they will be having another competition again, I hope before the competition, our uniform and stickers will be already available for us, so at least if we wear our logo during the next month event, we would already be known for all the organizations and facilities for swimming. We are counting to have the camaraderie towards another swim clubs; we should put up the image that among other things, respect, discipline and sport minded should be on top than winning. I mean it is definitely a plus factor if we win but of course, in a competition like this, there’s always a winner and a loser, if they win, they always have their feet on the ground and if they lose, at least they have done a good fight.

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