Riding a Bike

When I was a teenager yet, biking was one of my passions. My friends and I would gather together every afternoon just to rent a bicycle nearby and we will be riding on it inside our village or at the park. That was absolutely a lot of fun, plus I have friends from before, who keeps me company every time I want to go to the park to ride a bike.

My eldest daughter is a very sporty kid, she knows how to skate, to swim and to bike, lately when I tried her bike on, I don’t know what happen but it seems like I don’t know how to pedal anymore, she keeps on coaching me but I always got scared and failed. She uses her bike every time she doesn’t have training for swimming, she would roam around our village but I always told her to go back home before it gets dark. I know she can handle herself but we don’t know what will happen during night time and she is still out there biking.

There are times my husband thinks to buy my eldest daughter a scooter or a bike, yet we need to figure out a bike insurance for her first so if there is something that we can’t avoid to happen, at least we have an insurance we can depend on and can help us strengthen the finances. We will definitely get that when the right time comes, maybe when she is already 18 years old and is ready to drive on a scooter, I am sure she would be happy to have that because it would be easy for her to come and go at the pool for her training.

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