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I guess I have mentioned to my other blog before about my father’s remain, the cemetery that his remains was placed was abolished without any noticed at all. I mean, they said that they announced it over the radio but nowadays who would like to hear any news on the radio; while there’s TV we could always watch for any local news. It was the right time that my sisters went there on that day to visit my father, because on that day, at least they were able to see where they put my father.

But the place that they put my father into now is crowded and in no time, my father’s tomb will be covered by another tomb so we have to get him there and transfer him to a new private memorial location the soonest possible time. My husband and I have been talking about this, we wanted to get him there right away, but we just don’t have the funds. So we plan of when we could afford to do that. My sister already contacted someone who offers less expensive location, we just need to pay that amount she told us. This morning, my husband surprised me when he told me he could already send me that amount that the agent required us for payment. My sister also sent my sister some money as payment for the other half, so on Monday, we will all be going there for the location. I can’t wait to transfer my Dad to a better and private memorial park, thanks to my husband for all the support he gave to me.

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