Painful Day

I had an appointment today with my dentist for the jacket procedure, she already got the crown and I thought finally I could rest for a while for any extra expenses. I was totally wrong because she found another tooth that she should save right away. I didn’t plan for other expenses but I have no choice, I mean if I will not let her go with the procedure, the tooth will not be save anymore. ,

At first, the procedure was fine, she injected an anesthesia to my gums near the tooth that she will fill in so I will not feel any pain but when the anesthesia was gone, it gets too painful already. She just told me to take a pain reliever. I hope that will work for me.

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  1. wawa naman ang mommy dito hehe…sa tanan sakit…ngipin ang makalagot…tapos sa tanan doctor…dentist ang akong lagutan hehe…agi ko Anne.


  2. eden says:

    I hope you feel ok now. Tomorrow I will book a dentist appointment for filling too. I hope it will be ok

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