Does it really work?

Before I have purchased my car two months ago, I was really eyeing for a Used MINI Cooper ever since I saw it online but to my disappointment it is not available here or at least to the store I went to inquire. I wanted a car that doesn’t have to require long clearance when you park, I only want the smaller version not the long one, yet since the one that was offered to me was cheap and since I thought the entire parts were okay, we bought it. Little did I know that there were minor things I need to attend to, I was thankful that I was able to drive the other week, but it got admitted again due for minor problems caused by me. As usual, I am not ready yet to reveal what happen, maybe when I am able to drive again perfectly this time. I could only hope that their will be no other issues along the way when I get the car back again. They said that I should talk to him like I am talking to a human that he should be okay and that we should be a team and will not let me get harm when I drive him. Sounds silly but they said it will work, now tell me, does it really work?

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