Sometimes it is better to do things alone

I know that when I write something here, I don’t usually care for my grammar but thanks to my husband who is my walking dictionary and who is always the one who check the words I am using. Although there are times I got annoyed or something because it seems like all my works were not good enough. I know he just wanted me to do good, but do you sometimes feel like you want them to leave you alone because you cannot be yourself when they always correct you. So sometimes I told him to quit and I know what I am doing. Sounds harsh right? Yet, I know my husband, he understands me to the fullest, he will stop for like days yet he would never give up, he would do that over and over again.

Lately, I’d been using grammar check online; it helped me a lot because he praised me by doing well this time. Although, yes there are still corrections, but not much anymore though, I guess he learned his lessons as well that for me to learn my mistake is to know it myself. It is good to have someone who is always there for you but it is better to do things alone sometimes so you will know what to do and which is right.

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