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A Brown Butterfly

This was what I saw inside our bathroom when I was about to take my shower; my daughter said it has been around the house since that night. They said that when a brown butterfly went inside your house, a surprise guest would come. Most often than not, I hope it will be my husband.

Joining Them

I’d been blogging for 3 years already and I have heard a lot of sites inviting bloggers to join them and earn points. I wanted to join but lately I was just too busy to do it, the only time I could be here is when my kids are asleep and during daytime when they are at school but I keep on forgetting about it. Soon, when I get the chance to do it and read all the policy and stuff, I will join and sign up.

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Hit The Computer In The Wall

I was so frustrated a while ago because my computer acted on me again. It tends to slow when I enable my display adapters, I disabled it because during the start up, the monitor turns green and I could not see any icons. I have to press the power button once then turn it on again and when I see the user icon on my computer, I could already logged in successfully but I don’t want to do the same process again, it is too lagging. So I disable it since that is the only way I could log without pressing the power button. But one things that gives me problem, the resolution is too big or too wide and I want the same settings back, I asked my husband about it and he was trying so hard to help me.

My Husband : Restart the computer hon and hit…

Me: Restart the computer and then what????  Restart the computer and hit it in the wall?

My Husband : Waaaaaaaaaaahhh Noooo No way!

I laugh so hard with his reaction, that was a short conversation of ours regarding with how to do it to make it better, it really gave me a good laugh.

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Toys For Christmas

Aside from books, I also buy educational toys like of the bigjigs have; they have variety of educational toys for your kids. I was actually looking for the same kind or brand at the mall but I could not find anything as of the moment. I am so careful to buy toys for my kids, because there are toys that are not appropriate to them especially to my toddler. Even when I buy toys for my nephews on Christmas occasion, I see to it that I don’t buy toys guns and they hate that. I rather buy books for them if they would insist on that. Oh well, they don’t have any choice though but to accept the education toys I am giving them, so far I did not hear any complains from them otherwise I would stop giving them gifts on Christmas.

On the other note, I can’t believe how time flies so fast, now we are on the first week in August. Seven months to go and it will be Christmas time once again. They said that it is best when we look for gifts on Christmas in advance, I am not sure if seven months in advance is still counted, but I guess I would accept that advise, maybe soon I will look for some gifts for my godchildren, nieces, nephews and kids because toys and some other things are not that pricey yet. What do you think?

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