Hit The Computer In The Wall

I was so frustrated a while ago because my computer acted on me again. It tends to slow when I enable my display adapters, I disabled it because during the start up, the monitor turns green and I could not see any icons. I have to press the power button once then turn it on again and when I see the user icon on my computer, I could already logged in successfully but I don’t want to do the same process again, it is too lagging. So I disable it since that is the only way I could log without pressing the power button. But one things that gives me problem, the resolution is too big or too wide and I want the same settings back, I asked my husband about it and he was trying so hard to help me.

My Husband : Restart the computer hon and hit…

Me: Restart the computer and then what????  Restart the computer and hit it in the wall?

My Husband : Waaaaaaaaaaahhh Noooo No way!

I laugh so hard with his reaction, that was a short conversation of ours regarding with how to do it to make it better, it really gave me a good laugh.

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  1. Mom's Place says:

    Bwahahahahahaha….bueng jud ka Anne….if naa lang sa imo atubangan imo husband, mura na imagine nako iya face hehehe

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