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Nutrition Program

We just celebrated the Nutrition Day at school, and as expected my little toddler did not went to the stage to dance, she just roam around the place back and forth. There’s one thing she participated at the party though and that’s give me something game. I brought some fruits with me, and when her teacher told them to bring an orange, we gave her the orange and off she ran to her teacher in front.

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Holiday Getaway for the Family

When can we have a holiday for the family? That question is always on mind; my husband is not even here yet.

When can he arrive? I don’t know anymore but that doesn’t stop me of dreaming to go to UK, I have found a website that would help me where to go during our UK Family Holidays, my kids love water so we must try their beaches or maybe boating with them that could add up our adventures and more fun during this memorable event. It would be so awesome to know their culture and go some tourist spots in UK. The kids will be surely delighted, they had been dreaming to go to some places. Mj even told me about her classmate’s recent vacation in Hongkong, she wished that someday she could try to explore different places just like her classmate. And she said that if she will be successful with her swimming career, going to the competition would be the start to all of her dreams. I told her to keep it all up and I know she will get there. Don’t get me wrong though, my husband is doing his best for us to be together or at least that is what I believe in.

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