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Window Blinds

Aside from buying some dining chairs and study table for the kids, I also thought to buy blinds for the window, curtains are quiet expensive nowadays, and not only that, it is also bulky with the fabric they are using now. I was planning to buy a roman blind, they have elegant designs and their pattern and its designs were extensive. I just hope I could find them in the mall not only online though; I am just not into shopping online. My husband does, but he is too miles apart away from me. In fact he is using blinds for his house, though I am not sure if that was a roman blind if it wasn’t, I have to ask him to buy that blinds for the house. It just looks so stunning and can even add up a touch of luxury moreover, it is just so perfect for his house. But we have to wait on the day I come at his place, we need more patience for us to be together. Dining chairs, study table, and blinds are my top priorities to buy next time I got the money. I hope I can have more money though so I can hire somebody to install floor tiles for the whole house.

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MYM # 5: Antiques

This is one of the antiques of the restaurant that we went to for dinner, it was just in the hotel building that we stayed during the 50 meters training of the kids on Saturday.


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The Best Clock

Are you looking for an elegant looking clock? A clock that would last forever, well Howard Miller Clocks will be the right one for you. I’ve never seen a clock that could mesmerize me with its style, I tell you, you would never regret if you ever buy this clock. It has a high quality standards that would surely last for a lifetime, you know how clocks important to us. I could not even live without it, how I wish my husband would buy one of this clocks, the designs are just simply stunning and best in the world.

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