Losing Weight

The kids were not able to do the training today, the rains just pour down all so sudden and it is so hard. Coach won’t recommend swimming when it’s raining especially when there’s lightning. Unlike with our previous club, even it rains so hard; the kids are not asked to get up from the water. They have to swim and follow the program that was assigned to them.

So since the kids could not swim anymore, the coach just did the land training, they were asked to do the stationary jogging and push up. My daughter told me she keeps on laughing because she cannot do the push up, when she pushes herself downward, she could not push herself upward at all. While the kids were busy with their land training, I decided to order noodles for all of us. I planned not to eat rice tonight so that explains the noodles stuff. I am on a diet ya know? Oh well, I guess there’s a result of my sacrifices because my friends noticed that I am losing weight, oh I so love to hear that.

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