It is already painful to know that your boyfriend is having an affair, what makes it worst is when he threatened you because of the money for their business that she ran for quiet a while now. Then here’s the other woman seems like pushing the guy so hard to file a case against her, while there is really no case to be file, I mean if they would, it would hit back to them especially to the guy since he is a foreigner. Anyway, I hope they can resolve whatever their issue is; my friend is not that bad anyway, she is willing to settle as long as the guy would leave her alone. For all she cares, she can marry all the girls in the world and that she doesn’t care for him anymore.

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2 Responses to “Case”

  1. genny says:

    painful indeed….i wish her the best and pray for your friend…:-)

  2. Mom's Place says:

    pagka pait..hope okay lang si friend mo.

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