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A Busy Night

Just too busy here tonight just before I logged in here, I was having a review with Faith since they will have a long quiz by tomorrow, I am not sure how she can do that, knowing that she’s only 3 years old but to my surprised her quizzes were almost perfect. I just saw 5 stars tonight, anyway so I was trying to help and as usual, she would cooperate and sometimes not. Geez!

Right after were done with one subject, while Mj was doing her worksheets I was also making a mock quiz for her so when she’s done with her worksheet, she would immediately answer the mock quiz right after I asked her some questions. While she was answering the mock quiz for Science, I hurriedly went to the bathroom to wash Mj’s bathing suit and her school bag, while she and Faith were fixing their things; I was also fixing our dishes so on and so forth. Mj went ahead to sleep since she has to wake up early in the morning tomorrow for another mock quiz. My little toddler is bugging her, trying to wake her up when I asked her to stop, she answered me back “But MOM”. LOL

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Boat Holidays

The first time I sailed away was two years ago. When we entered at that ferryboat, we immediately explore the place. It could have been so much better if we are in a Canal Boat Holidays, where everything is just leisure and vacation but nope we were not, we have to ride in that passenger ship because my friend has to do some written exams for her student visa, although we were not in a boat holiday, we still enjoyed the ship by just roaming around, dining together at the restaurant, and looking at the glittering lights from the city while the ship is sailing away. And since, I could not dare to look at the ocean anymore where you can only see darkness and you can only hear the engine roaring, we went back to our pad to sleep. I didn’t expect I could sleep so sound, oh well the A/C work just fine and the ambiance of our room is just peaceful. And the ocean was not that wavy, it just feels like you were in a hammock, swaying slowly who would not be able to sleep that deep and sound right? Yes, that was quiet an experience but I don’t think I can ride a passenger ship again but I am looking forward for a boat holiday with my family.

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