I Was Enlightened

Whether we like it or not, in some way to have an insurance is important to our lives. There are much insurance to choose from, there’s the educational plan, life plan insurance, there’s also car insurance so on and so forth. Although you can only choose two terms, the long term insurance and short term insurance. Of course it will be up to you, which one of those you are feeling comfortable. When you have a car, you should never forget to have it insured, I didn’t see the significant of that before but when the agent explained me everything, I was enlightened and therefore I immediately applied my car to an insurance company.

And on that note, I so miss my car right now; it has been in the shop for so many weeks. I was not able to buy the things needed for it since I was too busy attending Mj’s competition. Plus we need to go to a nearby province for their competition and Faith is becoming too demanding. I sometimes would like to have a break but if that means spending more money, I rather be staying at home and enjoying my time with my kids and or watching movie together.

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  1. Mom's Place says:

    korek…gastos kaayo mugawas bitaw hehe … hasta na kong katawa sa FB nimo Anne, nga si Faith magbuot sa teacher. hehehe

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