Our Package Has Arrived

I went out early this morning to go to the airport where our package was placed, yesterday the delivery man of the fed ex were not able to deliver the package and because it is holiday today, if I will not go to the airport to get it myself, it will stock there until Monday and I will not let that to happen since I am already so excited to read the book that my husband promised me to send. Mj was also excited to play with her Nintendo and I am sure Faith is looking forward to watch the DVD’s that her father sent to her. So even have to do my online task here, I took a bath early in the morning and off to downtown to get the package.

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2 Responses to “Our Package Has Arrived”

  1. Rovie says:

    sa wakas mare niabot na jud… happy for you and the kids..

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    daghang salamat daan!

  2. Mom's Place says:

    haguy, naa kahay ako-a diha lol…….happy kadayawan Anne.

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